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File Master 13

This is File Master 12 by Rinaldo adopted and re-invented by me to be used in FIFA 13. Moreover it has a new feature called “Show BH Column”. If enabled (as it is by default), the program will show you ...

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Creation Master 13

The ultimate editing tool for FIFA 13! This tools allows you to edit almost every aspect of FIFA 13. The tool is still beta so there may be some bugs! Tool developed by Rinaldo and Outsider87.

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WHAT DOES THIS PROGRAM DO? This program is an incredible evolution of the revolutionary tool that was done for the first time for Fifa 09. Indeed this software allows you to assign a different kit model for every player in ...

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This year I wanted to put a lot of effort in this patch and that’s why this is only the first version. A lot more has yet to come. The features of this version are: – new intro for important ...

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This patch edits some Fifa files in order to have a more realistic and coloured sky rather than the faded sky of original Fifa. Note: This patch is not related to particular stadiums, so it works well with every stadium ...

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Armband Patch 10

NEW IN VERSION 1.1: Added two new functions: 1) the program can process generic goalkeeper kits 2)  the program can process referee kits giving them a black armband for the right wrist tape. INSTALLATION: Just run this video setup and ...

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