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Duong’s Match Graphics Replacement Fusion 10

*Duong’s Match Graphics Replacement 10: DMGR *ENB Series (developed by Boris Vorontsov): Fusion -With this patch, DMGR is automatically integrated into your FIFA 10 and transforms its entire match graphics visuality. -With a Shift+F12 press on your keyboard, the game ...

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This patch edits some Fifa files in order to have a more realistic and coloured sky rather than the faded sky of original Fifa. Note: This patch is not related to particular stadiums, so it works well with every stadium ...

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======INTRODUCTION X MATCH EXPLORER with 40+ options lets you expand full game experience. From the basic setting (Resolution, Windowed, Game Detail) to higher (Camera Modifier, Penalty Mode, Your Cheat), X MATCH EXPLORER is completely new expander ever. ======INSTALLATION – Install ...

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Armband Patch 10

NEW IN VERSION 1.1: Added two new functions: 1) the program can process generic goalkeeper kits 2)  the program can process referee kits giving them a black armband for the right wrist tape. INSTALLATION: Just run this video setup and ...

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Crowd Patch 10

<<CROWD PATCH 10 by STANKAN >> Version: 1.0 Date: 19 October 2009 Author: Stankan INSTALLATION: Run this setup and wait for the end of DOS black window execution. FEATURES: This patch add a new fantastic and more colourful crowd in ...

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