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This archive is a collection of all my tools for EA Sports Fifa 2003. All programs you can find in here are in BETA stadium. USE THEM AT YOUR OWN RISK and always do a backup before modifing files with this programs.
Due they are betas it can happen that they waste, trash or crash the files you want to modify. For bugreporting, suggestions and feature request please write an email to [email protected].

bigGUI: Version 0.42r3 – 2003-02-09

bigGUI is a windows based BIG/ABG/VIV exporting/importing tool. With this program you can add/delete/rename the files within a BIG file. It’s windows based for working convinience.

ImpBIG: Version 0.421 – 2003-01-01

This is the dos port for processing *.BIG files. This one is useful when creating patches which should be distributed. Call the program from the Console without arguments for further help.
NOTE:It’s also possible to process listfiles with ImpBIG (/el and /il switched). This may gain a performance boost when processing one big file more than one time (especially if the BIG file is packed). To compress files when importing them add a “/c” to the args (see example). A sample listfile comes with this archive: SampleFileList.txt

History of this filepack


  • bigGUI remembers the last opened folder when restarting the program

Tools included:
bigGUI 0.42r3
ImpBIG 0.421


  • Fixed a nasty bug in my big-classes which damaged the whole big file. Sorry for this bug.
  • ImpBIG supports now comments in the listfiles
  • bigGUI has now a clear output button

Tools included:
bigGUI 0.42r2
ImpBIG 0.421


Initial release of this tools:
bigGUI 0.42
ImpBIG 0.42


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Author: greymana