FC 24 Create-A-Club Kits TU15.1

Update notes for upcoming TU#15.1:
Updated 35 kits to either be matching with the sponsors with the Gk kits to bring in more uniformity
replaced many single kits that did not have matching kits
added sponsors on sleeves for several kits
Several kits set have an additional kit showing same sponsor
Updated 20 GK kits to match kits for uniformity
Added crests from Polish 2nd division
Added crest Taranto Fc
Added Crest alemannia aachen

Note: for future updates to not cause any conflicts with EA’s update leave game in offline mode to continue using current version until mod is updated.

All future updates to the game I will upload a version that does not have the next TU update and one that does both will have same update to the mod but wanted to cover those who are waiting for the Realism mod to update and in the next few days will update it with the latest TU update and will reflect with the title of the mod.

Reach out on discord or make suggestion there as well.

If you would like a separate mod for your team I do take requests through either discord or Patreon.

Career Mode Compatible Compatible With Saved CM Auto Install Not Online Compatible PC Compatible


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Author: Jaylewis22