FC 24 Danielz Realism Gameplay Mod

It completely changes the gameplay making it slower paced.
I Recommend playing on NORMAL speed.

Thing that have been tweaked:

Movements are much slower and fluid to reflect real life football.
Acceleration and speed has been reduced to reflect the real life counterpart.
– CPU plays more direct and cross more in the box.
– CPU will also shoot more from distance.
– CPU will be more aggressive on marking and tackles.
– CPU will do less first touch crazy game (tiki-taka) that makes EA FC 24 look like a pinball.
Air physics has been totally reviewed, the ball will spin more and will curve like in real life
Ball physics has been reviewed with the grass physics, you will get more real life ball bounces.
– Players will fall more on tackle contacts such as in real life, with referee whistling more fouls.
– Differences between body types has been accentuated to make the game more varied.
– You can place the mod everywhere in the Mod Manager but it’s not compatible with other gameplay Mods.
– Removed all the adaptive difficulty from the AI and all the randomness of the game, making it more stable and easy to tune.
– Increased first touch error especially on trapping hard balls.
– Goalkeeper playstyles have been boosted to increase the variety of the game.

Suggested sliders on my discord server in the #sliders channel.

One version has the AI playing REALLY aggressive. I still suggest the default one but use this one if you want more fouls from the AI. If you are getting to many cards you may consider switching to lenient referee strictness.

The Vanilla Referees Addon reverts the referees and the foul system to default. Use i and give it higher priority than the Realism Gameplay Mod in case you prefer the default EA FC 24 referees.

Career Mode Compatible Compatible With Saved CM Auto Install Not Online Compatible PC Compatible


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Author: Danielz