FC 24: DB Convert Tool

This is a very simple but effective tool to convert large amounts of players from earlier FIFA games to FC 24.

Paste in the db or squad file data from a FIFA game and it will automatically convert it to player data ready for FC 24. All you need to do after that is change the player names (highlighted in blue) to their playername IDs if they are written out or add missing name IDs to your FC 24 database/squad file.

This conversion is not 100% accurate as some IDs of certain stats might have changed between games (e.g. head type) or new stats added (which are generated as accurately as possible in the conversion), but it has been made in such a way that there will not be any errors and large amounts of players can be converted at once.

1) Paste in older fifa player data in FIFA tab
2) Replace data in name id columns where applicable and add missing IDs to your FC 24 database/squad file
3) Import converted data into FC24 game (with Fifa editor (Database) or Dabatabase Manager (Squad file)

You need Microsoft Excel to run this tool.

Auto Install PC Compatible Win10 Compatibility


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Author: Lord Bitterbal