FC 24: Extended Youth Academy Name Pool TU16

Are you tired and frustrated getting the same old Croatians’ names when scouting for youth players in FC 24 Career Mode? Or trying to sign players in your Youth Academy from mid-tier nations and getting to choose from hundreds of Kadlec’s or Novák’s… well, this mod is for you!

Extended name pool mod is a brilliant addition to your manager career mode experience. This mod extends the name pool of regen and youth academy players for you to have diversity in your academy squad, so you don’t wake up having 5 Romanians in your first 11 named Marin.

🌈A little mod so you’ll never get bored of your youth players’ names again!🌈

INFO: While having this mod applied, you can load your current save without worrying about the career being damaged!

What this mod adds:
✨ OVER 5000 LAST NAMES (family name/ surname)
✨ OVER 3000 FIRST NAMES (given name/ forename)

And you can choose from:

  • ENP Italy (750+ Italian last names & 650+ Italian first names)
  • ENP Brazil (1200+ Brazilian last names & 3000+ Brazilian first names)

This link below will bring you to my Patreon page, where you can easily access my mod and other work when FC 24 updates!

Career Mode Compatible Compatible With Saved CM Auto Install PC Compatible


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Author: pup

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