FC 24: GK Player Career Mod

This FC 24 mod is for GK Player Career only! It includes 2 specific modifications:

  • GK Evaluation Rectification and No Substitution MOD
  • GK Enhance and Block Nerf MOD

The first mod combines two features:  goalkeepers will no longer be substituted and a GK Evaluate system adjustments. Here are the specific changes made by this mod:

  • Significant Reduction in Goalkeeper Deductions for Conceded Goals: You no longer need to worry about conceding an impossible one-on-one situation and having your goalkeeper’s rating plummet into negative territory.
  • Increased Points for Goalkeeper Interventions and Diving Saves: When using the “Y” key to intervene and disrupt the opponent’s shots, goalkeepers now receive more points.
  • Bonus Points for Goalkeeper Clearances from Dangerous Situations: Successfully clearing dangerous balls will now earn goalkeepers additional points.
  • Enhanced Points for Every Goalkeeper Save: Each save made by the goalkeeper contributes more positively to their overall rating.
  • In Career Mode, your players will still remain immune to substitutions.

The second mod include the following changes:

  • Significantly enhanced goalkeeper reaction speed.
  • Improved success rate of saving shots aimed at the far corner.
  • Increased success rate of goalkeepers rushing out to save one-on-one situations when pressing the Y key.
  • Enhanced goalkeeper reactions for saving shots near the goalpost.
  • Expanded the maximum range for goalkeeping saves.
  • Weakened the blocking and tackling abilities of all defensive players
  • Improve the goalkeeper’s get up speed for the second save

The new block weaken function is added, as well as the further enhancement of the extreme version. After making a choice, the standard version is abandoned, because the standard version is not enough after blocking and weakening. This MOD has gone through hundreds of hours of testing and modification by me. Personally, it feels like it’s already perfect, and there may not be any other new features in the future.

Note: This patch affects all goalkeepers, including your opponent’s. Adjust the sliders to weaken your opponent’s goalkeeper during gameplay for optimal results.  It will be better to adjust it together with other sliders. The slider I use is attached to the picture above for your reference.

To use the mods, follow these steps:

I recommend you to use this mod together with another mod I made to modify the goalkeeper evaluation system called “GK Evaluation rectification and no substitution”.

Enjoy your game!

Career Mode Compatible Compatible With Saved CM Auto Install Not Online Compatible PC Compatible


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Author: V4GRANNT