FC 24 Improved Graphics and LOD Mod

This mod improves the Graphics and LOD, without changing original FC 24 game style and vibe. (only improving)

Players LOD improved in all scenarios (Cinematics, Pre-Match Intros, Skill-Games, Matches, Replays and Highlights, Creating and Editing Players, Kick-Off Screens…)

NOTE: Please make sure you have the correct version of the game, otherwise the mod will not work for you!!!!!

How to:

  • 1…Open FIFA Mod Manager
  • 2…Import and Apply this mod. (Dont forget to Apply the mod after import, a lot of people forget about his step)
  • 3…Launch the game using Mod Manager and have fun! (Meaning use Launch button in Mod Manager, a lot of people forget about this step)

If you like any of my mods, please consider donating and supporting my work in creating more mods, thanks!

Career Mode Compatible Compatible With Saved CM Auto Install Not Online Compatible PC Compatible


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Author: Instanity