FC 24 Polish Expansion Patch [TU16]

At last! The largest Polish modification for EA Sports FC 24 has seen the light of day. After four months of hard work, talented Polish modders have finally released their gem. What can we find in it?

A lot! The modification has gained a lot of new features compared to last year’s version. Below you will find all its contents, along with installation links. The mod includes the licensed PKO BP Ekstraklasa, FORTUNA 1. Liga, 2 Liga, as well as selected teams from the 3 Liga from the 2023/2024 season. Including many details!

Before downloading, don’t forget to read Bartul’s guide, which you can also find below.

Mod Content

  • 46 Polish clubs have been added along with their squads, uniforms, graphics, flags, banners and scarves,
  • Added fully playable Fortuna I Liga, II Liga and 10-team III Liga,
  • Added fully playable Fortuna Polish Cup and Polish Super Cup,
  • Over 750 chants added for Polish teams,
  • Added goal songs for over 130 teams,
  • Realistic derby matches,
  • Smoke candles after goals,
  • Polish judges with realistic severity and appearance,
  • Over 250 reproduced faces,
  • Real scoreboards and advertising boards for Polish leagues and clubs,
  • 64 ambassadors in the game’s main menu – one for each Polish club,
  • Goalkeeper uniforms for Ekstraklasa clubs,
  • Customized game graphics.


  • Pioteroo
  • Skoczek
  • Szejdi
  • Mck
  • Chliper
  • Robmar85

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Career Mode Compatible Not Compatible With Saved CM Auto Install Not Online Compatible PC Compatible


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