FC 24: Real Stadium Names Mod

This is my new RSN mod (RealStadiumNames) for FC 24.

Few words about this mod: This mod changes the stadium names in EA FC 24 from generic to real which makes the game more realistic.

You can use this mod in your own mods, and you can add me in credits (Thanks for this).

For Example Leyton Orient Stadium real name is Brisbane Road which adds mod.

1. Open RDBM and find “teamstadiumlinks”
2. At the top of RDBM click “import single table”
3. The same with “stadiumassignments”
4. Choose RSN.txt (or RSN if you don’t have visible file extensions enabled)
5. Click “SAVE” and close RDBM
6. Load your squadfile in the game
7. Enjoy 😀


Career Mode Compatible Compatible With Saved CM Manual Install


Report Missing File !

Author: KaZu500