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Co-Founder of, Juventus supporter, Graphic Designer, FIFA Modder in spare time and lately an Ultimate Team fanatic!


  1. super flags

  2. very nice flags!! but the russian never appear, i don’t know if they are not in the .cmp

    i hope you can do the flags of the world cup teams that are not in the game by default, thanks

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    You must go and check them manually in CM10!Just click on the upper box above the flags and they will appear!Russia and Bulgaria have this bugs!

    About the WC teams i can’t do them since the teams aren’t in the database of Fifa 10!

  4. yes, i saw that with bulgaria and get solved, but russia don’t.

    WC teams, why can’t do them? maybe in order to install them manually and not on a .cmp

    i really want them ‘cuz your flags are amazing, thans in advance

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