Nike Seitiro Ball Pack

The most awaited ball pack for the new season is finally here!Darxxx made the new Nike Seitiro ball pack for the 11/12 season with an outstanding quality!

The ball pack contains 8 versions of this ball:

– Generic Nike Seitiro + Hi-Vis (Winter Version)

– Nike Seitiro Serie A + Hi-Vis (Winter Version)

– Nike Seitiro EPL + Hi-Vis (Winter Version)

– Nike Seitiro La Liga + Hi-Vis (Winter Version)


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Author: darxxx


  1. Is it just me or the download site wont let me download? hmm

  2. @Ash…just choose “Slow Download”

  3. @RaPerzZ everytime i click it says i can only download one file at a time?? even if i use google chrome icognito still doesn’t work :/

  4. will this work on ps3??

  5. can work with FIFA 10?

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