FIFA 11: Central European Patch 11

The long lost CEP 11 Mod is here!

– All 52 UEFA Leagues, All 10 CONMEBOL leagues
– Best of AFC (Asia), CAF (Africa) and OFC (Oceania) leagues
– Continental Competitions (CAF Champions League, UEFA Champions Leagues, Copa Libertadores, Copa Sudamericana, Royal League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Supercup, AFC Champions League, O-League, etc) fully playable on Manager Mode
– EA Winter Roster Update and GSP Fix included in db
– Real Name for all stadiums
– Home and Away kits for all teams, Minikits in EA Style
– CM Generated minifaces
– more than 150 tournaments, including leagues, cups, supercups, etc
– Scoreboards made by Zic and ANBSeth
– Grass Patch made by Regularcat
– AI w/ a db optimized for it (optional) made by Regularcat

– Trophies, leaguelogos and logos made by Juan_007
– kits and minis made by Newmaker, Taraji, Shoneroma90, Regularcat, Calvarez, Deiver, Moaalves, Tazmany, Don_Tm, ariv, Lavezzi, Adricmb, Mvanegmond04, R.Boni, Celtian, Veggt, EmilianoVidela, Gutymann, Sebas, Leo_95, RafaelBG85, Richardo93, UjpestFC, Tomi17, S30SMejo, Juventino, Fifa-Croatia, Liv_Tyler, Mogolos,, virtual_razvan
– DB made by Darkvajo and Regularcat
– Countryflags made by Don_TM and Juan_007
– Scoreboards made by ANBSeth and Zic


– Download (duh!)
– Decompress in the data folder
– Open File Master 11 (or other regen tool) and regenerate.
– Play.


Report Missing File !

Author: Darkvajo


  1. Qual é a temporada desse patch, qual o ano?

  2. 2010/11

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