CRLP 11 V.2.0

The V.2.0 of CRLP is finally here and it’s ready to be downloaded! The team made a huge effort to create this amazing patch!

The second volume of CRLP will bring the main features of the romanian championship in FIFA 11, plus many new key additions, in order to make sure your experience is unique. Embark on a 15 years Career and prove your manager skills in the second beat of the award-winning CRLP 11. Create a Virtual Pro or choose a real existing player from your favorite team and experience Be a Pro mode in a whole new dimension. Making a closer look to our key features, we are very pleased to confirm the following content in CRLP v2:

• All 18 Liga 1 Bergenbier teams, all 32 Second League teams and all 12 Divizia Nationala League teams are fully licensed, containing:
– Up to date rosters (August 20th – Liga 1 ; March 1st – Divizia Nationala)
– Home, Away and 3rd kits (11/12 for Liga 1 teams)
– High-Quality Logos
– Top notch mini’s
– Approximately 200 detailed player faces (
Face List )
– Real Club Budgets
– Accurate player skills
– Real player heights, weights and birthdays
– Custom Team Tactics & Attributes
• 40 teams from the 3rd Romanian League plus other 12 teams from the 4th Romanian League are also licensed with:
– Up to date rosters
– Home & Away hi-res kits
– High-Quality logos
– Top notch mini’s
– Real club budgets
• Romanian and Moldavian Leagues and Cups featured in both Manager Mode and Tournament Mode
• Specific “Liga 1 Bergenbier” romanian referees, stadium adboards, team flags, scoreboards, sponsors, official balls, newspapers and more
• Correct leagues format (11/12), updated rosters, kits and faces for the most powerful championships/teams in Europe
• A whole bunch of free agent players
• FIFA Club World Cup featured in your Manager Mode Career
• Be a Pro compatible
• Revamped Romanian National Team
• Many other key additions and touches added into the game that will take the patch quality to the next level
• Small, fast, easy to use and beautiful looking patch installer
• English Language Compatible

Addons Included:

  • Menu Style
  • Scoreboards

Final Team List

Liga a III-a – Seria Est (20 teams): Aerostar Bacău, ASC Bacău, Cetatea Tg.Neamţ, Chimia Brazi, Conpet Ploieşti, CS Buftea, CS Panciu, CSM Paşcani, CSM Râmnicu Sărat, Dunărea Călăraşi, FC Voluntari, FCM Alexandria FCM Dorohoi, FCM Târgovişte, Inter Clinceni, Petrotub Roman, Pheonix Ulmu, Rapid CFR Suceava, Sporting Suceava and Unirea Slobozia

Liga a III-a – Seria Vest (20 teams): AFC Odorheiu Secuiesc, Autocatania Caransebeş, Avântul Reghin, Bihorul Beiuş, CSMS Reşiţa, Damila Maciuca, Dunărea Turris Turnu Măgurele, ACU Arad, FC Caracal, FC Hunedoara, FC Zalău, Gloria Arad, Jiul Rovinari, Oltchim Râmnicu Vâlcea, Olimpia Satu Mare, Sănătatea Cluj, SCM Braşov, SESO Câmpia Turzii, Unirea Dej and Unirea Floreşti

Liga a IV-a (12 teams): AS Roma Botoşani, Bradul Roznov, CSM Slatina, FCM Adjud, FCM Oneşti, Forex Braşov, Jiul Petroşani, Liberty Salonta, Olt Scorniceşti, Progresul Bucureşti, Rapid CFR Teiuş and Spicul Tămăşeni

Rest of the World (2 teams): Dinamo Bender and Găgăuzia CF

Media Section


1) After you have downloaded CRLP 11 Volume 2, open the file (CRLP 2011 Volume 2 – v2.0), starting this way the addon Installer.
2) Make sure to select your FIFA 11 Folder (not the “Game” one !!!) when asked to browse your main FIFA folder path. For example, if FIFA is installed in “D:/Games/FIFA 11″, select this directory in the Installer box.
Remember !!! Install v2 on a fresh FIFA 11 PC copy (v1.01)
3) After the installation is complete, FIFA 11 Regenerator, which is included in the package, will load up automatically, starting to analyze the files that must be edited.
4) When this analyzing process is complete, the “GO” button will become Green. To start the files regeneration, just click it for once. You will have to wait several minutes after that, because our patch includes many new files that must be modified.
5) The regeneration process is now completed, you can finally start playing CRLP 11 – Volume 2 then.
5) When you start FIFA 11 for the first time after installing this patch, choose “Create New Settings” button in order to access all the patch features correctly. Otherwise, you will encounter many game errors and crashes.
6) Go to “My Fifa -> Edit -> Edit Squads -> Reset Squads”.
7) Enjoy the most authentic Romanian League patch for FIFA ever created !


You have 2 ways of uninstalling CRLP 11 – Volume 2:
1) Open the “Uninstaller” file, located in your main FIFA 11 Folder, click “OK” and wait a few seconds untill the process is completed. After that, go to your FIFA 11 Kit (DVD/Image) Game folder, and copy the “data” folder in your FIFA 11/Game folder, then regenerate your game using THIS tool !
2) Open the CRLP v2 patch regenerator, located in your FIFA 11/Game folder, and after the “GO” button becomes Green, move your mouse pointer to the grey box which tells you something like “Take care of edited files …”, click it for once, and then it should show you now “Ignore the edited files …”, then press “GO” button once, and after the regeneration process is completed, FIFA 11 will then ignore CRLP 11 – Volume 2, without removing any patch files.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: I do not have the Romanian leagues in my FIFA ! What can I do?
: You need to regenerate with an older version of Iard68 regenerator or with Creation Master 11, pressing Tools —> Regenerate .bh files.

Q : I get a crash when I try to search somebody using FIFA’s “Search By Name” option ! What should I do?
: Nothing, almost all FIFA 11 League patches encounter this problem sooner or later, and a proper fix still doesn’t exist.

Q : Why I keep getting crashes before/when/after the “Man of the Match” is (being) displayed during my Manager Mode career ?
: You may have probably forgot to install EA’s official 1.01 patch before installing CRLP Volume 2.

Q : Why I am getting random crashes in Manager Mode, for example when I’m trying to load my saved manager mode, or when starting a new season ?
: FIFA 11 sometimes corrupts the career when using the autosaving, but if you try again it should work without any problems whatsoever. If you have this problem, there is one more sollution: saving manually before exiting your career.

Q : Why the opponent team lost 3-0 because it hasn’t enough players?
: In Romania this is sometimes likely to happen especially when talking about low division teams. For example, Cetatea Tg.Neamt (Liga a III-a), started a real life match with only 7 players, but in FIFA if a team has less than 18 players, that team will automatically loose the match. We have introduced some academy footballers so this should not happen too often, plus it increases the realism in the game aswell.

Q : Why my FIFA jumps years and players are aging faster?
: This is a FIFA Manager Mode issue, there is nothing we can do at moment, but this happens very rarely though.

Q : I want to start a Be a Pro career but I saw in the first patch versions that there are some problems with it. Are these bugs solved ?
: Yes.

Q : My FIFA has crashed just before populating the transfer list (50%). What can be done ?
: Just try again and it will work.

Q : Some players do not want to come to my team, having a very low interest level. What can I do ?
: It is a star-related manager problem, some players do not want to go at some teams. For example, some lower league players want to go to Steaua instead of Dinamo, or Western teams instead of Steaua. If your manager rating is increasing to at least 2 stars these situations will definitely not happen (too often) anymore.

Q : I want to come to your forum, throw some bad words, spam, destroy the patch credibility without any arguments, and swear your members aswell. May I do this?
: No.

Q : I want just to come and inform you of some problems for CRLP 12. May I do this?
: Yes. 


virtual_razvan – Database, kits, minikits, adboards and GUI
Damien – Database
shoneroma– Kits
Raul, cesc, mk11mayur – International Kits
The-Clau – Kits, minikits and balls
benny – Player faces
• silver – Player faces
alex_10_arshavin – Player faces
LoLo17 – Minikits
Merdiso – Database and Software engineer
Lck. – Team Flags and Minikits
• tatarusanu tata – Fonts
darxxx – balls
aLEx_10 – Boots
ANBSeth – DigiSport ScoreBoard

• All CRLP 11 – Volume 2 Beta Testers
• speedshadow – European kits and Fonts
• FS7 – Minikits
• robinson – Minikits


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