Adboard Revolution Mod

Our newest team member,scouser09,prepared his first mod for FIFA 12!And it’s indeed a revolutionary one!With the help of his mod now you can add custom adboard ID’s for each team in all game modes (tournament,career mode,arena mode,etc).Yeah you read that correctly!No more generic league ID’s for all teams!Now each team can have their own adboards!

The patch contains the Adboard Revolution Mod that will assign custom adboard ID’s for each team in FIFA 12!

The mod is online & career mode compatible since it doesn’t touch the database!

Remember to read the READ ME file carefully,to understand how to assign custom adboard ID’s and install the update!

The update will allow special mode to work correctly if enabled (it will only show the special adboard ID at present, not the assigned ID in career mode league matches)



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Author: scouser09

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