RTWC 2014 Expansion Patch

The much awaited RTWC 2014 patch update is finally here! Check all the new features of this amazing expansion patch:


– All 204 national teams that took part in 2014 World Cup Qualifying and the next tournaments:
AFC/CONCACAF/OFC/CONMEBOL World Cup Qualifying to Finals – AFC, OFC, CONCACAF, CONMEBOL, UEFA Playoffs, CAF final 10 Playoffs, AFC 5th place Playoff and Intercontinental Playoffs and World Cup Finals.
UEFA/CAF World Cup Qualifying to Finals – CAF, UEFA, CONMEBOL, Final stage of AFC, UEFA and AFC playoff and Intercontinental Playoff and World Cup Finals.
2013 African Cup of Nations – Qualifying to Finals
2015 Asian Cup – Qualifying to Finals
2014 AFC Challenge Cup – Qualifying to Finals
2012 Arab Nations cup – Qualifying to Finals
2012 Caribbean Cup – Qualifying to Finals
2014 AFF Suzuki Cup – Qualifying to Finals
2013 EAFF East Asian Cup – Qualifying to Finals
2013 Gulf Cup of Nations
2012 Baltic cup
2013 Copa Centroamericana

Existing Tournaments From First Release:
UEFA Euro 2016
2013 Confederations Cup
2013 Gold Cup
2015 Copa America

– Improved database
– Fixed the 99 agression bug and the 5 skill stars bug
– Kit Updates for most of the teams with correct number fonts and positions
– 13/14 Kit Updates for some of the teams
– New Adboards for all tournaments
– New EURO 2016 Scoreboard & Popups
– Updated News Pics
– New logos
– New boots
– New CAF 2013 Official Match Ball
– Patch is now available in 7 different langauges: English, Spanish, Italian,French, Polish, German & Portuguese
–  Update 1.1 and 1.2 is included in this expansion: List of Updates

Patch Notes (MUST READ)

You will need the first version of the patch in order to apply this expansion! If you don’t have the first version then please go and download it from here!

This is a TOURNAMENT Patch and career mode won’t be available to play with! All club leagues and teams have been removed!

This patch is basically a whole NEW GAME and that’s why you will need a duplicate FIFA 13 to install this patch in order to avoid problems with your main FIFA 13 game:
How to have multiple FIFA 13’s installed on the same HDD

You may experience a crash when selecting the 3rd kick taker on freekicks!

If you have the switcher already installed please go to …FIFA 13\RTWC2014\modes folder and delete the Tournaments folder! All the data is on one set of compdata tables and you NO LONGER need to switch!

If you have Origin you’ll need to make sure you have the new official update before installing the patch!


Credit List

Jschuck12001 – Tournament structure, kits, db,minifaces, menu graphics, etc
Rique – Database, graphics
Damien – Banners/Flags, News Pics,Italian language translation, Adboards & Setup

Regularcat – Grass, Kits
New_Maker/DiMPaK– Kits
ManUtdFan20 – Kits
moaalves! – Kits
devil_9 – Kits
Darxx – Balls
Mogolos – Kits
Sundsvall – Kits
Emiliano Videla (Emi) – Kits
RuPaBo – Kits
ZuQ – Kits
Esteghal FC – Kits
Mr. ZNL – Kits

Evolution – Scoreboards
Zicstark – Scoreboard graphics, logos, adboards & overall support.
Sepak – Referee Faces
Dshift – Referee faces
David Reis – Balls
Uomomagnetico – Adboards
Xvs80 – Kits
THEARSENAL – kits & minifaces
kvv_110 – kits
Fatih Cesur – kits
R.Boni & jovanu – kits and kit templates
Rabzyxor – Balls
KrysH – Flags and banners
DODO997 – Grass
FV.Erwin – Kits
Badrimus – Kits
Pepis21 – Kits
grazy0731 – kits
dinei – kits & Portuguese language translation.
vantastic20 – Kits
Robmar – Kits, db base for new teams & Polish language translation
Vishal – Kits
The Crew – kits
makispla – kits
nabo78 – Kits
nakatsu123 – kits
Celtian – kits
Mr NDH – kits
ZikaJeSrbin – Kits
kader74 – French language translation
Dreamz – Kits and Spanish language translation
Heggtor12 – German language translation
Deutsche Löwe – Kits
NeyMar86 – Kits
El-Torres BJ – Kits
Mateus Guedes – Kits
Shahab Shaterian – Kits
alex_10 – Boots
Mad Man – Bench Players Textures

Special thanks to:

Scouser09 – Revolution Mod 13
thebaddie – Creation Studio 13
Rinaldo – DB Master, File Master, Rx3 Master, CM base
Rinaldo & Outsider87 – CM 13
AlPacinoPT -Tournament News pics Tutorial
Zico99 – Loading Screen and Background Tutorial
FifaMan017 – Sb base substitution texture


Update V.1.0
– Fixed the next nationals formations because they crashed when playing with them: Mali, Bahamas, Bermuda, Suriname, Trinidad & Tobago, Curacao & Cyprus
– Fixed more kit numbers and fonts assignments!
– Updated players team numbers for some teams.
Update V.1.1
– Fixed the starting 11 formations for most of the teams.
– Added missing Captains and Free Kick takers for some teams.
– Update V.1.0 is already included in the 1.1 version!
Update V.1.2
– New Kits
– Several missing players added to teams.
– More lineups fixed.
– Some player stats fixed.
– Bench Players with realistic sweat suits added for default International teams.
– No more free kick bug, its been tested and confirmed as 100% fixed.
– Update 1.0 and 1.1 are included in this update!

You must regenerate after applying the update!

NOTE: You will need to start a new tournament after you apply this update!

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Not Compatible With Career Mode Auto Install Not Online Compatible PC Compatible


Report Missing File !

Author: FIFA Infinity Team

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  1. One question, I’ve already installed your great mod but in menu screen, Messi appeared with Barça kit and no with Argentina t-shirt. Why?

    ps: Great mod, I appreciate all your work. It’s really addicted this patch. 😀

  2. Gameplay mod name ? Thanks.

  3. Angel:

    One question, I’ve already installed your great mod but in menu screen, Messi appeared with Barça kit and no with Argentina t-shirt. Why?
    ps: Great mod, I appreciate all your work. It’s really addicted this patch.

    You shouldn’t see Messi in the menu screen. That graphic has been replaced.

  4. you guys are simply amazing but can u make me a patch for south african league b4 fifa 14 come please i am begging u even if all d players are not real il appreciate it

  5. this is an great patch, actually I should call this a new game. You people are really great. This really forced me into playing fifa 13 again.

    Thanks so much.

  6. One question:
    I have RTWC V1 …all good , run ok …but no appears that font on scoreboard …in menu …why ?

  7. I see Lionel Messi in start screen in Barcelona Kits.
    Does that mean i did something wrong? Am in not installing in the right folder? New Fifa install then install both RTWC patches into Easports/Fifa13 directory ( the Main one )

    When i use the fifa 13i68regen i highlight all the data blocks green. (All them, including the other ones) and i also “Set current Working Folder” to the main directory.

    I thought i did every right? The game crash is often but i play normal fifa without crash all the time. (since I have a another one installed as recomended)
    Anyone know what’s wrong?

  8. I noticed a crash when I selected Trinidad Y Tobago NT. Please fix it.

  9. One question :

    How can I install facepack?
    For example :
    I have copied the Fifa (which I installed 2 facepacks), than I installed the WC mod, than the expansion.

    Everything is fine, expet that I need to uncheck has a generic face to see the face I originally downloaded, (before unchecking I need to make them bald or 2 hairs are displays).
    How can I install the .exe of the facepack? I got an error at a certain time when I hit remove face to regenerate…


  10. Hey guys, thanks for this immense patch! That’s what I waws hoping for ages! But I got one small problem, it doesn’t work on my pc! I run fifa13 on win 7 36bit, have copied the main folder as told in the guide, turned origin mode to offline and allways started the copied version for trying out. I’ve installed the patch in the correct folder and linked the regenerator also there. I changed all boxes from red to green and then ran the regenerator, when it’s finished, nothing has changed except the menu playlist. When the regenerator first opened after installation, an program inherent error message popped up (something doesn’t work correctly, but if I wish I could keep on running the regenerator – sry, my italian got a bit rusty 😀 ), maybe that’s the problem?

  11. Avatar photo

    I’ve already replied you on the main post:

    “Try to click on the Italian flag on the regenerator and it will switch to english language. Then tell me what’s the error message when you regenerate.”

  12. The regenerator isnt loading….i dont know what to do i run it as admin but nothing happens after that….I REALLY WANT TO PLAY THIS GAME!!!!!!!!

  13. can it work in fifa 12

  14. is this working in fifa 14??????????????

  15. A total conversion like this has no chance working in another game

  16. to old to play real football

    Just bought a cheap £5 copy of Fifa 13 and downloaded this expansion pack. Great job lads all the teams bar 3 with their real kits, EA take note only around 50 of your teams in the World Cup 2014 game have their proper kits, how hard is it to get 200 odd kits (so lazy). Also adding in all the other tournaments is a great idea (please go and work for EA) this is the game World Cup 2014 should have been. Hopefully we will be able to have these sort of mods on PS4 shortly.

  17. How do you regenerate?

  18. epic name and comment
    i think can console game can already be modded but it’s very dangerous,i heard one guy modded an xbox 360 game and got console banned,making his xbox useless,he had to buy a new one

  19. Hello. I have a problem. When i start the game and after the first screen (yellow one) I get to a green screen with brazil 2014 where i choose language. After i selected English, i literaly stay 10 miuntes in that screen only to get to the nex screen with brazill flag and 2014 and wait for another 10 miuntes for something to hapen. Only thing that works is sound. After 20 minutes i cant get in the menu.

    I have AMD FX6100 cloked at 3,6GHZ, GTX 780 Gigabyte, 8 GB DDR3 qt 1600 Mhz. All direct x and drivers uptodate. I run Windows 10 x64. Can you help me run this game ok? Maybe i have done something wrong.

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