FIFA 13: Polish League Patch 13


– squads, information and budgets of T-Mobile Ekstraklasa and 1. Liga clubs for the 2012/2013 season

– updated Polish national team squad

– Home/Away/GK kits of T-Mobile Ekstraklasa and 1. Liga clubs (some teams also GKv2)

– Home/Away/GK, GKv2 kits for the Polish national team

– ZINA referee uniforms assigned to the T-Mobile Ekstraklasa, 1st League and Polish Cup games

– Adidas referee uniforms for other competitions

– official T-Mobile Ekstraklasa and 1st League font, and name fonts on T-shirts

– authentic fonts on the Polish national team’s uniforms

– new generic uniforms for goalkeepers

– minikits for T-Mobile Ekstraklasa, 1st League and Polish national team teams for online mode

– flags of T-Mobile Ekstraklasa and 1st League clubs

– flags of the Polish national team

– teams of T-Mobile Ekstraklasa and 1st League clubs (individual for each team)

– bands for the Polish national team

– UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League teams

– corrected coats of arms of the T-Mobile Ekstraklasa teams and the Polish national team

– improved logos of some competitions

– corrected club names throughout the database (POL&ENG version)

– corrected names of league competitions in Poland and elsewhere… (POL&ENG version)

– realistic ladder of the Polish Cup competition

– Polish Super Cup mode (only available in new careers)

– real judges of T-Mobile Ekstraklasa

– official ball of T-Mobile Ekstraklasa (summer/winter) for the 2012/2013 season

– official UEFA Champions League ball (assigned to CL competitions)

– official UEFA Europa League ball (assigned to EL competitions)

– new grasslands

– chants for T-Mobile Ekstraklasa and 1st League clubs

– chants for the Polish national team

– pre-match music for the Polish national team

– Uhlsport gloves

– Shoes

– players’ faces

– T-Mobile Ekstraklasa Intro

– T-Mobile Ekstraklasa Substitution Bench Patch – amendment regarding reserve numbers

– stadiums from UEFA EURO 2012 host cities: Wrocław, Poznań, Warsaw, Gdańsk (day and night version, rain/snow)

– Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona

– corrected capacities and information about these stadiums



Lucas Kane – the person without whom PLP 13 would not look the way it does; creator of the PLP 13 framework (T-Mobile Ekstraklasa Patch), T-Mobile Ekstraklasa Substitution Bench Patch, adaptation of stadiums to be compatible with FIFA 13

player21 – database editing, add-on assembly, Revolution Mod 13 file editing

pendrak123 – gangs, help with the base, looking for people willing to help with the expansion

jaszo – database editing, beta testing

jschuck – tournaments (promotions and relegations)

darrek1988 – database editing, winter transfers in other leagues, adding supplements, chants, real Ekstraklasa and 1st league schedules

damian9910. – costumes, fonts, balls, bands, one set of flags

mipoc – scoreboards, minikits, bands, kitspack, international relations

knyfel – stadium configuration (day/night mode), scoreboards and popups

Tajgeer – installer, customization of chants

Mr.Cogito – faces

Kukus – faces

Pepis – outfits, gangs

Yankee – miniface

Papa – outfits

KrysH – flags

Jarroo – flags

ŻuQ – outfits, minikits

kielczyns – Zawisza Bydgoszcz uniforms, numbers and fonts for the Polish national team

Curl. – costumes, flags, bands

Daro. – gangs

godfather – minikits

Szczur1997 – outfits

carlos6 – faces, gloves, shoes

Reaven – chants for T-Mobile Ekstraklasa clubs

grampp – chants for the Polish national team and Lech Poznań

fifaman – T-Mobile Ekstraklasa popup and Champions League popup


Special thanks to:

scouser09 – Revolution Mod 13 ( )

Bernd – FHL BH Editor ( )

matteoz – FIFA 13 Turf Brightness Patch ( )

FIFA Dome / FIFAPlanet – EURO 12 Faces Pack ( / )

darxxx & skills_rooney – Champions League Ball 2012/2013

Vadios – several faces: Szczęsny, Rybus, Piszczek, Kehl, Subotic, Gebre Sellasie, Weidenfeller

aeh1991 – several faces: Junuzovic, Arnautovic

Wolverine – face: Matuschyk

EA Sports – Municipal Stadium in Poznań, National Stadium in Warsaw, PGE Arena Gdańsk, Stadion Wrocław (UEFA EURO 2012 Official Game), Camp Nou (FIFA 12)


Installation Guide:

1. Remember to install Polish League Patch 2013 for a fresh (clean) game – without any additions, improvements or changes.

2. Do not close any windows that will pop up during the installation process. Remember to make changes in the FHL BH Editor after installation by selecting the “regenerate all BH-files (take care of extern files)” option. Without this, the game will not work properly!

3. For the add-on to work properly, you must run the game in offline mode . You can set it in Origin ( in the Origin menu -> offline mode).

4. We would like to remind you that we DO NOT PROVIDE technical support to people who have a non-original version of the game.


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Author: FIFA Polonia Team

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