FIFA 14: Classic Polish League Patch 2020-23

Like country, like Classic Patch
and like country, like GIGGIRIVA

So yeah, I’m releasing something to you. I used to be not interested in my home league. And I decided to change it.
And what’s the better way to do it to make a mod for a game that will make you intentionally search for it?

– All teams from Polish 1st division from 2020-2023 period
– Tournament mode with domestic cups and league from that time
– 27 Polish stadiums (@locosbuda and PLP 20)
– PKO BP Ekstraklasa and Polish Cup trophies
– 272 faces and 868 minifaces
– all licensed kits (including gk kits)
– new UI

Mod supports Polish and English

Not Compatible With Career Mode Not Compatible With Saved CM Manual Install Not Online Compatible PC Compatible


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Author: Skoczek

This is that one Alita Battle Angel enjoyer, who finally found his purpose in life.

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