FIFA Infinity Patch 14 v.5.1


FIP 14 is here for the 22/23 season.

Harry BullZak and the FIFA Infinity Team have returned with arguably the best FIFA 14 mod ever made, FIFA Infinity Patch 14! The patch brings FIFA 14 up-to-date with the current 2022/23 season including new leagues, clubs, tournaments, players, and many other unique features.

It is strongly recommended that you use a clean install of FIFA 14 for this patch. This includes if you have previous versions of FIP 14 installed as the build has been refreshed for the 22/23 season. If you wish to customize available career mode tournaments using FIP Tournament Manager, you must do so before starting a new career!

Here’s what’s included in FIP 14 v.5.00:


-PL fixtures updated.
-Fixed squad limit issue.
-Fixed a crash in the English PL (July 2024). New career mode only.
-Added missing Kit Numbers.
-Fixed two typefaces that will cause crashes in future releases.
-Removed the issue of early sacking on the ALP version.

-All leagues and teams including Chinese Super League, German 3.Liga, Romanian Liga I and Indian Super League.
-Squads (from 13th February 2023 squad file).
-Kit numbers and name fonts.
-Mini faces.
-Team, league and tournament logos.

-Brazil Serie A (not in FIFA 23).
-Brazil Serie B.
-Chile Primera División (not in FIFA 23).
-Canada Premier League.
-Colombia Categoría Primera (not in FIFA 23).
-Costa Rica Primera División.
-Cyprus First Division.
-Czech Republic First League.
-Ecuador Serie A.
-Egypt Premier League.
-Greece Super League.
-Japan J-League.
-Mexico Liga MX (not in FIFA 23).
-Netherlands Eerste Divisie.
-Northern Ireland NIFL Premiership.
-Paraguay Primera División.
-Russia Premier League (not in FIFA 23).
-Singapore Premier League.
-UAE Pro-League.
-Ukraine Premier League.
-Uruguay Primera División.
-USA USL Championship.
-USA USL League One.
-New rest of world teams, including all missing teams from 22/23 UEFA CL, EL and ECL group stages.
-New national teams, including all missing teams from 2022 FIFA World Cup finals and 2020 Euros finals.

-All generic team names, tournament names, logos and kits replaced with real ones.
-Referee kits for some leagues.
-Real kit numbers for some teams.
-Realistic crowd sizes (by league).
-Real sleeve patches for UEFA competitions.
-New adboards.
-New boots with assignments.
-New balls.
-Simplified main menu.
-Alternate menu theme (apply using FIP14 Theme Manager).
-Improved EA management AI (reduces weak line-ups for opponents in career mode).
-Enhanced version of Revolution Mod 14 included.

ST = Stadium Version
ALP = All leagues playable

-Career mode compdata (default). Ability to edit available tournaments.
-Tournament mode compdata (additional tournaments in tournament mode, career mode will not work). Real or random group variations available.

-Assign boots to players.

-Assign GK gloves to players.

-Choose between default or custom themes.




HarryBullZak – Project lead, Patchmaking, Database, Kits, Graphics, Balls, Faces, HBZ Career mod
scouser09 – Database, Kits, Graphics, Programs, Revolution Mod
Nafer – Database
Damien – Artwork
Pao4ever – Database, Kits, Balls, Boots, Minikits, Adboards, Graphics
DEnnisTM – Database, Kits, Minikits, Adboards, Graphics
Goldmonk – Database, Kits, Graphics
edersonmoreti – Database, Kits, Minikits, Graphics
kimonos – Database, Kits, Minikits, Adboards, Banners
DecoRuiz – Database, Kits, Minikits
Mogolos – Database, Kits, Minikits
Makispla – Database, Kits, Minikits
ladiyaffe – Database, Kits, Stadium Pack
Casperix21 – Database
JochemLFC2 – Database, Kits
miki1 – Database, Kits, Balls, Boots, Minikits, Adboards, Graphics
Lord Bitterbal – Database, Kits, Minikits, Adboards, Graphics
eduardodsx – Database, Kits, Minikits, Adboards, Graphics
tokke001 – RX3 conversions, FIFA Converter – Kits, Minikits
Semhsdorf11 – Kits, Minikits
The Crew – Kits, Minikits
diazjesux – Kits, Minikits
carrasco1live – Kits, Minikits
victorhugob15 – Kits, Minikits
Pedro10do7 – Kits, Minikits
Josepa94 – Kits, Minikits
Robmar85 – Kits, Adboards
L77 – Kits
OlliX – Kits
Emi Stark – Kits, Minikits
devil 9 – Kits
Rorschach – Kits, Minikits
Caio Morais – Kits, Minikits
DjonatanJG – Kits, Minikits
Lusitania_15 – Kits
df10 – Kits
Voleck – Kits, Minikits
ZiJeSrbin – Kits
TonyKroos – Kits
Cappo92 – Kits
FifaMan017 – Kits
spica 2019 – Kits, Minikits
Diegote – Kits
riesscar- Kits, Balls
3K1227 – Kits
Spidercyb – Kits, Minikits
Hjbs – Kits
MarianoArrana – Kits
zoran milinkovic – Kits, Minikits
Dinamo Forever – Kits, Minikits
Frkitman – Kits, Minikits
shoneroma90 – Kits, Minikits
racoon1311 – Kits, Minikits
nao – Kits, Minikits
Emiliano Gaston Videla – Kits, Minikits
Ovide – Minikits
Anamorph – Adboards, Graphics
achiles1919 – Adboards
ivansoto18 – Adboards
rique – Adboards
luiz_fer – Adboards
uomomagnetico – Adboards, Banners
DrDoooMuk – Adboards
Pistolitas – Adboards
The Danish – Adboards
PaoloDNY – Adboards
Gamer_KR1925 – Adboards
Andy – Adboards, Graphics
nabo78 – Boots, Boot Pack
eddyedwards1075 – Boots
Nikhit – Boots
pillowbiter – Boots
john_shadow8 – Boots
mrBear1991 – Boots
xuskan – Boots
Hemiunu – Boots
mh25 – Boots
Alex_10 – Boots
Ayoub AS7 – Boots
rout – Boots
hvhelsinki – Boots
AdioszPL – Boots
vito – Balls
Mishuk – Balls
Johnny28ua – Balls
Dimitri – FIFA 22 EA Face conversion
RALE – Faces
HenriqueMota34 – Faces
Lagwagon93 – Faces
Ealixo – Faces
risaju95 – Faces
flavinho4208 – Faces
Chandalala – Faces
ALEXIAN!! – Faces
FV.Afwan – Faces
LUISPB – Faces
pedrogfifa1422 – Faces
christophe83460 – Graphics
Leandro Ariagno – Graphics
graysky – Graphics
darrek1988 – Graphics
Salomon – Graphics
Qlucz40 – Graphics
Aranktu – Miniheads
eafh – Popups
Bids11 – rendering_patch.cdb update
Lesiba – Scoreboards
TECLAS – Scoreboards
gonzaga – Stadiums
kingmuro – Stadiums
RavenFCB – Stadiums
kotiara – Stadiums
Arsenal22 – Stadiums
Prodigy – Tattoos
Ferpock – Tattoos
kimonos – Testing
shaLovlyandiya35 – Testing
czeBOY – Testing
Krebs – Testing theme
xJJBx – Testing & Legia Third kit
Sernando – Testing & Feedback
avrc30 – Testing & Feedback
Sandeep Saha – Testing & Feedback
jesale10 – Testing & Feedback
sid1992costa – Testing & Feedback
vinii – Testing
walcott14 – Testing
MightyGhost05 – Testing
Oxymoron – Testing
Sandeep Saha – Testing
mita996 – File Extraction
JORDINA JESSE – File Extraction
yokaido – File Extraction
The Wizard – File Extraction
FRO – File Extraction
ramzidz15 – File extraction
Mishuk – File Extraction
Emran_Ahmed – Various Themes, file supply
Gamer KR1925 – file supply
The WOLF – file supply
Rinaldo – Creation Master, DB Master, FifaLibrary16.dll & FifaLibrary14.dll


Career Mode Compatible Not Compatible With Saved CM Drag & Drop Manual Install Not Online Compatible PC Compatible Win10 Compatibility


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Author: HarryBullZak