FIFA 14: Shorelooser’s Natural Evolution Gameplay Mod

This mod will push your FIFA experience to a new level!
This patch is for the people who like the slow way, exciting matches and a new CPU Ai with human like behavior!
Your FIFA will turn into a high passion driven game , ease controlling and timing will determine about the results of passing, running and striking!

Features :
Swirling Ball:
In Freekick , hold stick plus power hard button , that way as you want to shoot with the out side of foot (like Robertro Carlos) to create Swirling Ball

Deflect Engine:
more rebounding and deflecting in every situation for unpredictable all kinds of events!
A shot which is getting blocked dont have to lose now any speed or just a slighty bit a way of direction depending on impact
With sliding tackles it is much hard to capture the ball through real deflection as such a situation can turn into a counter attack or used as slide to pass.
Deflect Engine becomes important to keepers as the way they fight off the ball so it is possible that ball could reflect back to the court

Movement Impact :
Bodybalance, ease and pressure effects passing, crossing, striking or ball control and in any contact between player to player in every single bodypart or player to ball and will affect its outgoing to falling,stumling or struggling!

Apathy X :
in an break or an directional change the new natural intertia will become important, so you have to think twice to stand tackle or to slide, to dribble or to pass , your decision in every event will determine its fate! Also Cpu is affacted no matter which skill level you choose , its always based on natural reactions.

Cpu Ai Brain Amplifier :
-slow Buildup speed by Cpu with natural pathing, trapping, dribbling and decent skillsmoves only when needed.
-Ai starts to Buildup new if it doesnt find a solution so back to keeper for example
-the Ai tries to pass by your defense by passing and find holes in your defense line!
-bad defense in cornes lead to distance shots, lost dribblings in counter attacks n more
-loosing or winning change the bahvior of Ai in striking and their risk
-direct striking cpu in all areas , no ninja turning or 180 degree turning direct way to goal if possible

Lethargy BuildUp :
the cpu will grant your build up and stop that cheating unhuman pressing with no fatigue on their side , the ai will try to capture the ball by positioning and by tactic

Modifier Plus :
Your formation affetcs now more the build up and positioning of your players to transpose your “way of play”
The differance between a one star rating team compared to a 3 star rating team are obvious and show you an significant effect of playing regarding to all of their attributes!
The importance of their Attributes in Balance, Size , Mass, Speed and Acceleration affects the battle of two players in combat or any event!

Arcade Stopper :
No sudden turning , no “digital arcade” passing and striking, no perfect players, free and open course of game!
All Cpu cheats are deactivated!
Keepers act like real keepers with human relfexes and mistakes.

Timing Plus :
the movement, positioning and timing will determine how good you will trap the ball, strike or cross, miss the header, fail in tackling or ball touching.In combination with movement impact it means that if you move backward in an header you dont will get much punch in it or hurry to much that your pass will diversify , your not able to clear the ball right or hit the ball right in striking!

Advance Contact :
Volley, Header, Dipping Shot , no matter the way you contact the ball the “Advanced Contact” will amplify or undermine its outgoing!
So its possible to totally disgrace in shooting or to bash out the ball of the stadium, the surrounding conditions are important!

Advanced Passing:
The way of passing is a lot slower and more tricky! You have to speed up your way of play to bring the drive to the ball for breaking a defense
line! Meaning the slower you move the less speed the ball has or the more speed it the ball can achieve!

Backbreaker Pass :
A high lob with more spin to break defense lines or to create creative opportunities which brings a lot of new possibilities to transform your style of playing!

Corner Risk Pass :
Hit the crossing buttons rapidly the bring a powerfull ball in and create unpredictable chances or a mess!

Additionals :
-referees are optimised
-handball also on physics,collisions and unpredictable events!
-more spin and changed ball physics!
-all Failure/Error possibilities are activated for a total exciting and varying experience
(wrong foot plants, fail dribblings, wrong posture, sleepiness and other faux pas things)


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Author: Shorelooser