FIFA 14 i68 Regenerator

i68Regenerator is a simple and user friendly tool to rebuild EASports Fifa Series indexes (.BH) files.

Application takes care of your modding work: this means that chosing the appropriate option, new BH files will not contain references to all files you have edited and stored directly in folders, also when original files is even contained in your BIG archives!

Due to the file management that is becoming more and more complex and it becomes necessary to intervene on many archives, located in different folders, I added the ability to choose which files to work on and which do not… The program will remember your choices and will suggest them, next time, as default.

You can delete references for specific groups of files: it is an opportunity that will prove useful for those who want to play online with the graphic changes compatible, but, above all, it will save a lot of time to those who are used to edit many files, that will not have to re-run anymore, the complete process of updating.

The program now integrates seamlessly with the Scouser09 Revolution Mod and the Jenkey’s File Loader: when they are recognized in the system the software acts accordingly, avoiding unnecessary operations with evident benefits in terms of speed of the procedure. The use of i68Regenerator continues to provide stability to your editing work, while preserving especially the most inexperienced, from many errors.

i68Regenerator speaks now english, italian, spanish and polish! Because of the difficulties in dealing with non-Western characters, I had to give up to add non-European languages. I’m sorry! Webmasters who wish to add other languages (Roman alphabet), may use the template file attached to the program to translate the strings from english, and send it (with the logo of the site, better…) to me! Within a few days, I will return one new version of the program that will use the new language as default.

By clicking the right mouse button, you can set any path as new main game folder. This option is useful for those who love to play in several ways, with more than one version installed at the same time, allowing them to rebuild the indexes correctly and independently for each version.

Now, is available a new special version “autorun” specially designed for modders who want to distribute the program, together with their work. Once launched, this version will run the complete process of regeneration and synchronization of the indexes and then will close automatically.

Project was developed under Microsoft Windows 8 operating system, and also tested succesfully under Microsoft Windows Seven. Framework 4.5 is required so, unfortunately, the tool can no longer run under the old good Windows XP!

The great FifaFS Tool by Mania Software is used to perform operations. All documentation is included according to the author’s rules and there is no better opportunity than this, to express all   my personal gratitude for this fantastic job that, from many years (even!!!), allows the whole fifa community to enjoy editing the game easily.

As always, many thanks to for it’s great modding projects, software and patches distribution. Special thanks to my friends outsider87 (Fabio) ac12 (Carlo) and fifaccitiu (Antonio), for their valuable, timely cooperation and debug work.

Final notes

As always, Fifa14 i68Regenerator is freeware and is provided ‘as-is’, without any expressed or implied warranty. In no event, shall the author be liable for any claim, damages or other liability, due to the use of this software.


Career Mode Compatible Compatible With Saved CM Auto Install Online Compatible PC Compatible


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