Revolution Mod 14 V.1.2

As you can see from the title scouser09 decided to release a new version of his Revolution Mod 14. This version fixes all the known bugs of V1.1 and adds more automatic features!

The mod is available in two install versions:

– Full (For those who didn’t installed the previous version)

– Update (For those who already installed the previous version)

Users with V1.0 or later installed should choose the update version to avoid losing assignments!


-Automatic banners for home/away, tournaments, specific opponents.
-Automatic boots, adboards, balls when using classic kits.
-Automatic boots for teams and tournaments.
-Automatic match specific referee kits.
-Disable automatic boots.
-GK Kit uses same fonts as outfield kit (Can be disabled).
-Scarf textures are randomly selected from the four images in the scarf/flag file.

-All generic boots are replaced by specific boots.
-Assign a specific kit (GK and outfield player) to use for a specific match.
-Assign different textures to static and electronic/scrolling adboards.
-Assign set of GK kits to a team kit for random GK kit selection.
-Assign sleeve length, jersey tuck, jersey fit, sock height and winter accessories to players.
-Assign winter accessories to all referees.
-Automatic Accessories (Includes team winter gloves).
-Automatic Adboards (Includes adboard randomization).
-Automatic Arena Kits.
-Automatic Balls (Inluding winter and snow balls).
-Automatic Benchplayers.
-Automatic Boots (Includes boot randomization).
-Automatic Classic GK Kits.
-Automatic Faces (Includes bump file).
-Automatic GK Gloves.
-Automatic GoalNets.
-Automatic Kit Name Fonts.
-Automatic Kit Numbers Sets.
-Automatic Managers.
-Automatic Mow Patturns.
-Automatic Pitch Colour.
-Automatic Pitch Lines.
-Automatic Scarfs.
-Automatic Skin Tones (Tattoos).
-Automatic Specific GK Kit.
-Automatic Specific GK Kits (for teams with generic GK kits)
-Automatic Stadium (Texture and Models).
-Automatic Stadium Tournament Decorations.
-Automatic Team GK Pants.
-Automatic Tournament Kits.
-Automatic Training Kits.
-Automatic Wear Patturns.
-Change collar, number and name fonts, name layout, jersey fit and colours on kits.
-Enable Winter balls.
-Referee kits assigned to league tournaments will show in friendly matches.
-Remove seats from stadium for teams.
-Set the crowd size for tournaments, teams and matches.
-Set which weather conditions winter options are used.
-Swap a kit type for another.
-Swap player accessories.
-Use graphics assigned to tournaments in friendly matches and all matches.

You should back up previous version of this mod before installation.

The mod is compatible with existing careers as the database is not edited.

IMPORTANT: Some statements in FIFA 13 versions have been removed and some automatic assignments from FIFA 13 versions and FIFA 14 beta have been changed. The files in which user statements are added are now different. Conversion scripts are available inside the mod folder. Read the included documentation for more information.

This version is not compatible with the Xbox 360.

Career Mode Compatible Compatible With Saved CM Auto Install Online Compatible PC Compatible


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Author: scouser09

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  1. hi scouser09.. is this RM compatible with moddingway mod?

  2. Is this compatible with PS3? Thanks.

  3. No idea. As far as I know, no one has added mods to the PS3 version so far.

  4. I think that mod includes a modified version of a previous version of RM14. You can try it, but you may lose some of that mods functionality.

  5. there will be a version compatible with XBOX?

  6. A version for the Xbox 360 is being developed.

  7. Is there a way to permanently fix the generic boots in online mode i will be so happy 🙂

  8. Hello scouser09 i want to ask you can you make a fix for the black/white generic boots on Fifa 14 online because after some updates EA again fucked up everything 🙂 It will be good appreciated from the PC users. Thanks in advance.

  9. Has anyone found a way to fix the default boots glitch? Or even just how to uninstall the mod completley? I’ve reinstalled Fifa but some boots are still default.

  10. Have any patch whit Liverpool faces player?

  11. Guys, can you guys make a patch for boots assignment only?
    I wanted to start a new career with the latest squad from EA, but the most players boots have been assigned to generic boots.

  12. I have a question, the revolution mod is compatible with playstation 3?

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