Career Revolution Patch 15

Career Revolution Patch 15 60.0 is now available for download! It’s now possible to select the patches you want to install! Also the game sliders have been updated (Experimental Database only) & a few player movements are done (e.g. Cech to Arsenal, Podolski to Gala, and a few other transfers for the EPL, Bundesliga, BBVA & Serie A). V60.0 Final fixes a few bugs introduced in the previous version (player growth, scouting, etc.) and will the last release for FIFA 15.



  • Patch can be installed on a modded and/or vanilla FIFA 15!
  • Aims to be as close to the game itself (e.g. not adding useless warnings, banners, etc.)
  • Increased transfer-activities/more clubs will bid on (your) player
  • More realistic transfers, less top-player movement
  • Clubs should only place bid on player when they have the budget for it
  • No more waiting time when first scouting/hiring scouts
  • Improved GTN/Global & youth scouting results (corrected variances, skills, work-rates, etc.)
  • Improved (youth) player growth (increased growth changes when playing, etc.)
  • Realistic player values and wages (talented and/or international players should be more expensive, etc.)
  • Added ‘Reveal All Player Attributes (without scouting)’ (optional)
  • Less (top) player retirement
  • More & better job-offers as manager from other (top) teams
  • Better CPU/AI Team-Management (based on player overall/position)
  • Improved simulation game results
  • Red/Double-yellow booked, can now lead to an 3x max. game ban
  • Corrected Champions & Europa League teams in first season (not all teams are in the game, so using replacements)
  • Database Patch: Realistic transfers by adding ONE_CLUB_PLAYER trait to players (Rooney, Wilshere, Robben, etc.) and more football rivalries (optional, but highly recommended)
  • Made it possible to disable internal manager job offers!
  • And even more tweaks, improvements, changes, fixes ..
  • Full package: no previous version(s) are needed
  • Upgrading: If upgrading, please uninstall any previous versions first (Control Panel > Programs and Features)

Known Issues
#1: Youth player scouting may have a low rating, when offering a contract it will be better.
#2: Crashes can occur when starting a game, just restart the game/career.
#3: Player values may not drop (enough) on almost out-of-contract players
#4: Experimental database may not work with every team

This patch is not compatible with existing careers.
Patch is ONLINE and OFFLINE compatible.
This patch may not be compatible with other mods. Please perform a manual install instead.
This patch is PC only.
CRP15 Forum Topic (older versions, feedback, support, etc.)

 Made by beta990
Credits EA, jenkey1002, fifaCCitiu.com, Rinaldo, dalb2k & Damien

Career Mode Compatible Not Compatible With Career Mode Auto Install Online Compatible PC Compatible


Report Missing File !

Author: beta990


  1. some players don’t have the name filled out. It is me or it’s a bug?

  2. You need the latest Origin-updates

  3. the boots of all the players are either white or black nd white…. pls fix this
    otherwise the patch works awesome

  4. Download Revolution Mod. 🙂

  5. Hi I wanted to try this but then I went back to FUT and every time an online game started it closed immediately and counted towards my DNF. I did this like 7 times until I realized it was the Career Revolution Patch. Uninstalled and then no more d/c issue.

    What did I do wrong? I used that regenerator the installer asked for too.

  6. Did you also install the Gameplay Patch? If so, could you please try without it. 🙂

  7. what’s difficulty? w-c or legendary?

  8. I’m experiencing the same with the v. 4.0 RC2, it’s the only mod I have installed.

  9. Noob question but can you use this mod with the other revolution mod?

  10. No problem. 🙂

  11. Only for better transfers and better team selection by cpu, is the “cm” folder is enough??
    I have seen Man United playing lindegaard always even though they have de gea.
    PSG sells sirigu but never replaces him.. has 60 to 70 rated keepers in its team but doesnot buy a gk.
    To fix these type of problems, which part of this patch to apply??

  12. do i need to install the others versions installed?

  13. could you do a tutorial video on youtube? about how to install this program, please

  14. I’ve installed the Mod and all of my kits are green and red squares? Unplayable with the patch installed

  15. How do you fix if the Frontpage / Newspaper keeps crashing?

  16. Can I still play my existing Careers, just without the features from the mod, or do existing Careers break/crash with this mod?

  17. After one season when i try to buy others teams players it says the player recently moved to team, so i cant buy him, when the player joined the team in last season !!! everty time i start a new career with diffrent club, the problem appears .. and i tried all of ur patched version .. had no solution .. so what now ?? any fixes will come ? or something problem with my database ? :/ egarly w8 for ur rply

  18. After one season my game crashes always — trief 5 times … so somehow ur prev. versions were better

  19. So since installing this the menu is really zoomed out and looks ridiculous, EPL games no longer use any of the EPL presentation…one of my favourite things about the game, the in game scoreboards, names etc are TINY…..I just want the stuff that affects career mode, not in game stuff and the zoomed out stuff on the menu and in game camera and epl stuff

  20. Is this compatible with Moddingway 2.4.0?

  21. I’m exactly the same. Got through 1 season now can no longer play. Whenever i try to enter the squad screen it crashes! Did you find a fix?

  22. Great, this is the shittiest mod I know, you managed to make an EA game worse, quite an achievement. The game now runs in 1080i (it’s disgusting), the HUD is on the way and everything is shit, and you only made so little transfers it’s useless.

  23. I used the Repair game function in Origin and it might have fixed the problem as it didn’t seem to remove any of the moddingway or career revolution files, and the interface is now normal, but I don’t know if the mod works at all now though, will have to see when I start a career.

  24. You have to opt out of using the “patched database” when installing. Since you have it installed, just delete the files from “C:Program Files (x86)Origin GamesFIFA 15datadb” and the problem should go away. If you insist on using the database (it’s not that useful really), then google “ioncamerazposition” to try to find a solution. This info is mainly for newcomers here since it’s been 2 months since you had the problem.

  25. with the mod always gives error in updating the online season mode

  26. I keep getting the error “there is not enough space to save” when trying to save any career. What do I do? Thx

  27. I’m new to this so sorry if I look stupid, when you’ve downloaded it do you have to move it to the fifa 15 folder or not?

  28. lol Giroud moved to Everton for 7,5 million pounds (first window), so much for the “better” career mode

  29. I think in this case you only run the installer

  30. Is it compatible with the latest modding way 3.0.0??

  31. Hey you found a solution? same problem!

  32. Reinstalled the game, but my game crashes everytime I use Bh-generator or any other way to generate the files… soo i have given up… sadly

  33. So, when you have unninstall FIFA15, and install Career Patch after this, that work ?

  34. I had ModdingWay patch installed and reinstalled the game and skipped Moddingway, because this seems to incompatible with any Moddingway patches. tried several of them.. Try installing this to your FIFA without Moddingway and let me know 🙂

  35. Ashim Adhikari Chhetri

    zippy share is down pls updae it

  36. Nop

  37. not compatible with modding way

  38. I used it with moddingway, but unfortunately could only play until around late december before the game crashes

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