Gameplay Revolution Patch 15

Gameplay Revolution Patch 15 v30.0 Final is now available for download! This patch tries to improve several gameplay aspects: goalkeepers, defenders, attackers.. all should choose better positioning and should use more (of their) attributes & skill-set. It also increases CPU/AI difficulty, let’s see you’re skills are still good enough! 😛

Note: Game Sliders are included! (and are required!)



  • Easy installation!
  • Gameplay should be more difficult and realistic!
  • Slower game speed
  • Better Goalkeeping!
  • Better CPU/AI defending!
  • Removed (most) delay’s/wait times between scenes!
  • .. and more gameplay improvements!

Career Revolution Patch 15 Installation Instructions:
1. Install Career Revolution Patch 15
2. Install Gameplay Revolution Patch 15
3. Regenerate!

You need to update the game sliders!
This patch is compatible with existing careers.
Patch is OFFLINE compatible, may cause ONLINE issues.
This patch is NOT compatible with other gameplay mods.
This patch is PC only.

 Made by beta990
Credits EA, jenkey1002, & Damien

Career Mode Compatible Compatible With Saved CM Auto Install Not Online Compatible PC Compatible


Report Missing File !

Author: beta990


  1. When I install the game, the screen seems to be zoomed out both in menus and in the actual gameplay. Is there a way to fix this?

  2. does this work on top of moddingway mods??

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