Revolution Mod 15 BETA

Today is a big day for all modders and patch users because Revolution Mod 15 has finally arrived! As most of you know this utility allows various assignments in your FIFA game without modifying the database. Remember that this is a beta version created for the demo but it will work with the full game aswell when it will be released. Bellow you can see the features of this amazing mod:

-Automatic Adboards.
-Automatic Balls.
-Automatic Boots.
-Automatic Faces.
-Automatic GK Gloves.
-Automatic Kit Fonts.
-Automatic Kit Numbers.
-Automatic Kits.
-Automatic Skin Tones (Tattoos).
-Automatic Stadiums.
-Automatic Substitute Bibs and Tracksuits.

This is the beta version, some options of the listed features included in RM14 are not included, they will be added to V1.0.

Some naming conventions have changed from RM14.  Read the included documentation for more information.

The file is specific to the FIFA 15 demo.  The manual regeneration method should be applicable to the full version, if a regeneration program is available then it is recommended to use that instead.

The mod is compatible with existing careers as the database is not edited. (Full Game)

Made by scouser09

Career Mode Compatible Compatible With Saved CM Auto Install Online Compatible PC Compatible


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Author: scouser09

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  1. In my Opinion, it’s time for your Revolution Mode Version 1 Full with unlocked specific Features like: boots, gkgloves and all the other things so far not valued in fifarna (Lua-Files). What do you think about that and when you gonna release that?

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