FIFA 16 Ultimate Ball Physics Mod

Thanks to a long chain of people, including @Byronic (for his perseverance finding someone to get this cheat engine table working with v.100), SunBeam at fearlessrevolution (who is that person) and to AndreaPirlo at soccergaming (who created the original ‘futsal’ mod where these addresses were found), we now have working access to some of the ball physics addresses for 16 (both v1.00 and 1.7).
Edit: Thanks to @papinho81 for creating a version of the table where the values can load automatically.

I’ve always had an issue with the ball on 16 not having enough carry – it would shoot out super fast and then slow down way too quickly- which resulted in a lot of unnecessary interceptions and breakdowns of play.

It also massively impacted the smoothness of the game. I’ve been working to try and improve this and other elements through ball physics.

Finding a balance was tricky, but with the values we have to work with, I feel like I’ve got it to a place where I’m really happy. 16 has always been a great game, but for me these changes have transformed it into something even better.

You should find that there’s more freedom to play, the ball is more natural and ‘alive’ (resulting in some amazing variety) and the game should feel overall a lot smoother. You also have to think more about controlling the ball.

The details I’ll let you discover as you play…

Career Mode Compatible Compatible With Saved CM Manual Install Not Online Compatible PC Compatible


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