Career Revolution Patch 16 V.0.1 Beta 1

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Career Revolution Patch 16:
This patch tries to make the FIFA 16 PC Career Mode more realistic.
It is only compatible with the Origin game, and (atm.) not compatible with other Career Mode patches (e.g. ModdingWay).

Gameplay Revolution Patch 16:
This patch tries to make the FIFA 16 PC Gameplay more difficult.
The (optional) Database Patch is highly recommended,because this include sliders and a patched MatchIntensity table.
It is only compatible with the Origin game, and (atm.) not compatible with other Gameplay patches (e.g. Fidel Gameplay, Regularcat’s FIFA 16 AI).

Database Patch:
This is the official V1.0 database of 24-09-2015 with a few patches: added 0512 Player Traits, camera zoom patch, added club rivals, game-sliders, etc.
The database can be updated without affecting the added player traits, camera zoom, club rivals, etc.
It is only compatible with the Origin game, and (atm.) not compatible with other mods (e.g. ModdingWay).


This is a patched managerai.ini that tries to make sure the best players are in the line-up.

GTN Patch (optional):
This is a patched gtndatareveal.csv that reveals player attributes without scouting.

Few Details
board.ini: lower change of being fired as a manager
cmsettings.ini: tweaked league budgets and rankings
euroseededteams.csv Europa/Champions League groups (some teams are missing; using replacements)
formsettings.ini: form doesn’t effect transfers, reduced low form chance
joboffer.ini & internationals.txt: higher chance of random job offers as a manager
managerai.ini: teams should play with their best possible line-up
moralesettings.ini & playercontract.ini: higher chance of longer contract lengths
playergrowth.ini & agepercentagesxp.txt: more realistic player growth
playerretirement.ini: player min. retirement age 35=>
playervalues.ini & playerwages.ini: higher player (transfer) values/wages (based on values paid nowadays)
scout.ini & gtndatareveal.csv: better and more youth/global scouting result
simsettings.ini: improved sim. results
transfer.ini, transfers.ini & transferteamdecision.ini: players should stay longer at their clubs, removed transfer limits (active clubs, etc.), better transfer results, more chance of clubs offers
ONE CLUB PLAYER (Database Patch): Please visit This reduces the chance of player movements to other clubs.
AutoInstaller Source-code: Please visit for the installer source-code.
.. and more things I’m forgetting to list. 😛

Known Issues
#001: Sometimes career matches take a long time to load, try playing in offline-mode instead.
#002: If you have a low-end PC (<=i3, 4GB RAM, no SSD, etc.); it may seems the game sometimes hangs/freezes. Just give the game a few more mins. or restart the game.
#003: Game crashes can occur, just restart the game. Always make as much copies of your saves as possible.
#004: Youth player scouting may have a low rating, when offering the player a contract it will be better.
#005: Player values may be higher on the first season, but will be better/lower on the second=> season.
#006: If you’re unable to save a career mode (e.g. ‘No Space’ warning), please delete all files (backup first!) of your DocumentsFIFA 16 folder before starting FIFA 16
#007: This is still a beta version, bugs can occur.
For support, please visit our forums.

Made by beta990
Credits: EA, jenkey1002, malloc84, FIFA-Infinity, & Damien

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Author: beta990