Real Football Simulator v.1.05

After many years of tools development for FIFA modding, I decided to start the project of my own game: originally I thought to call it “The Football Master” but a very similar name is already used for other games so I changed the name to “Real Football Simulator” (RFS).

RFS is a managerial game, it can be played as a stand-alone game but, if you own a version of FIFA 16, RFS can take the control of your FIFA 16, so you can play your next match in FIFA 16 and automatically import back the result.

In version 1.05 you can now manage a National Team.  The manager AI for selecting the best formation has been improved considering Fatigue and Self Confidence of each player, it also provides some turnover before important matches and keeper switch for domestic cups. Job Offer system has been improved, now you can receive job offers even if you are managing another team (but only 6 months after you signed and if you are performing well). Please check the Release Bulletin for a full list of changes.


No Limits Please!

  • No built-in limits: No limitation in terms of leagues, teams or players. The only limit will be the memory and the power of your PC
  • Fully Editable Database: The database is fully editable and documented, you can add leagues, teams and players yourself.

FIFA 16 Integration

  • Play Matches in FIFA 16: RFS will take control of FIFA 16 environment and launch FIFA 16 for playing your next match. The result is automatically imported in RFS, as well as players performance.
  • Play CPU vs CPU: When playing in FIFA 16, you can control your team or just watch the game played by CPU vs CPU.
  • Play any match: Every match can be played in FIFA 16 even if you are not the manager of the playing teams. For example you can go and watch a match with a player of another team that you would like to buy or play the Champions League final just because you like it.

Playing Modes

  • Start managing a team: You can start to play managing any team of your choice
  • Wait for a call: You can start without managing any team and wait for a call from a team of your preferred league.
  • Be an observer: In this playing mode you do not manage any team but you can watch all the competitions and to play, if you want , any match in FIFA 16.


  • Dynamic Player Overall: The player overall value changes dynamically during the season according to his form, fatigue and self-confidence.
  • Realistic Injury System: RFS has a realistic injury system based on real world injury statistics. Your medical team will take care of injured players and their recovery.
  • Dynamic Player Appearance: Players appearance changes over time, they can change their hair style or their facial hair and they become older (feature not implemented yet)

Training and Tactics

  • Tactics in Natural Language: You can choose among over 60 different tactics to play with. You can also give instructions in natural language, to the team and to individual players. They will be understood and applied in FIFA 16 so the team will play according to your instructions.
  • Realistic Training System: RFS has a realistic training system based on the concept of super compensation where intensity and recovery time affects the effectiveness of the training. (feature not implemented yet)

Kits and Sponsors

  • Dynamic Kits: Your team kits are changed at every season. Take a look to the proposals of your technical sponsor and choose your preferred style.
  • Dynamic Sponsor: The technical sponsor of your team can change over time as well as the main sponsor. Sign the contract as a Director or just enjoy your brand new kit.

Transfer Market

  • Realistic Market Values: Market values are defined on statistics reproducing the real world dynamics. The market value of a player depends not only from his age and reputation but also increases or decreases according to his performance.

Simple to Play

  • Intuitive playing: Confused about the many things you have to do for playing a managerial game ? Don’t worry, your personal assistant will provide you a “To Do List” with all the actions you have to do for moving forward. Exploit the AI of the game and delegate functions to your staff, you can always advocate them to you later.

This version is stable and can be safely played. Be aware that the database is only partially updated with 2023 summer transfers.

I recommend you take a look at the Getting Started file.

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Author: Rinaldo