FIFA 16 Stadium Server R App v.1.8

It is compatible with every version of the game.

All the required info for the installation and how to use the tool are in the Readme.pdf file.

Please report any problem you might come through.

List of changes:

– Correction of an error when you tried to load an external folder with stadium files in stadium server format (model.rx3, ect…)
– Extracted stadium files for the default game stadiums are now stored in a zip files somewhere on your disks (previously decompressed and installed in game/data/sceneassets folder). The App now ask you once where is located the zip file (possibility to change the path later), and momently extract only the required files from the zip if any.
– Because of the above change, the size of the App install has reduced from ~5GB to ~2GB (Software and libraries ~500MB + extracted stadium files in the zip ~1.5 GB ).

UPDATE v1.2:
Small corrections to avoid errors when you pressed inadvertently a and s at the wrong time. The tool used to try loading the wrong screenshot all over again. Now if you press RUN again after an error, you are good to go (thanks Iwanamzan for the inspiration).

UPDATE v1.3:
– Correction of a small error with the SEARCH function. When a team from the DB had no stadium assigned it could cause an error if that team was returned in the suggestions
– Users that already have a cl.ini before installing the App MUST add the line STADIUM_ID=177 before any “[]” otherwise the line would not be red which turns off the Stadium Server App.

– Fixed a bug with crowd files that where not properly loaded if you assigned a stadium ID when adding a stadium to the map file with the ADD button.
– Previously if the folder (or zip) containing your stadium files have a ui folder, the .big files were copied to your game folder. Even though it didn’t have any impact on the experience with the game it would add messy files in your sceneassets/stadium folder.
Now files from the ui folder are ignored by the app.

– Fixed a bug with glare files. Previously if the files you provided had either the lnx or the rx3 type but not the other type of file the server was assuming you had the both types and it would not look into your game folder or the to collect the files, resulting in an error message telling you that glare files were missing. This is now fixed.
– The App now use the country column first then the comment column of your map_stadium.txt to sort and display the stadium list. Previously only the country column was used. This makes easier to find your stadium when you want to manage them (ie:update them)
– You must now press the key “$” instead of the combo “a” and “s” to load your stadiums at the kickoffhub screen. With the previous set up sometime the order to load a stadium was sent when “a” or “s” were pressed separately, resulting in a stadium trying to be loaded at the wrong time.

– Improved the ability of the App to discriminate text from the taken screenshot
– The Browse function now immediately save the provided path where before closing the app and reopening it was necessary
– The manual (available in the AIO) now provide the link toward the last version of R (v3.6.3) compatible with the tool. R v4 is not compatible
with the tool.
– The manual now provide the updated download link for the stad_source_folder containing all the default game stadium files which are mendatory for the app.
– The gWidgetstcltk library install problem has been fixed.

– Fixed problems with libraries that were removed from CRAN, if you had already installed the tool before you are not concerned
– Edited the instructions for the installation steps of the R libraries

– Improved the optical character recognition (OCR) process performance. There is now less chances that a random stadium is picked instead of the wanted one.

Video tutorials:

1) App installation

2) How to use the App

Weaknesses and Strengths of the App compared with CGFS

The App is not really relevant for people that can already use CGFS.
Here are the weakness and the strength of my App compared with CGFS:
– Not easy to install (I am happy to help anyone)
– Requires some free disks space available (~2GB including the stadium_source_folder that contains all the default game stadium files that needs to be available to the App).
– It is not a File Server, it is only a Stadium Server.
– It requires the user intervention before starting a game (press a and s on the match preview screen aka kickoffhub)
– Stadiums can’t be assigned to tournaments IDs and tournament rounds IDs
– It is compatible with every version of the game.
– You can load any RevMod type of files that have a stadium ID with it (ie: specificgoalpost, ect…).
– The App can read stadium files stored in .zip compressed archive which in the end might result in a net gain of disk space (lost through install size – gain with compressed stadium folders= gain?).
– Any stadium file format is supported (FS or standard), if in standard format the stadium ID doesn’t matter. For both format you can only add some files (ie textures) to files already installed in your game (ie: model, crowd, ect…).
– Teams which are linked in the DB to a stadium with an exterior camera will have the exterior camera.
– A function of the App allows loading any stadium already installed to your game or to the stadium map file simply by searching the Home team name or the stadium name. It can be used to load a particular stadium for a final ect…
– Stadiums can be added to the stadium map while the game is/is not started (it doesn’t matter). You can add many stadium at the same time.


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Author: Papinho81