FIFA Chants Master

Hi guys, i’m sharing a software for “add chants” for our game. I created on Python programming language.

While not being able to directly change the audio of the game, it works as a more direct MP3 player, with just one click you can already hear the chant, just follow the steps:

1 – Install the software on your FIFA directory (…\FIFA 16\FIFA Chants Master)
2 – Paste in the installation folder your team chants folder
3 – Rename to chant1, chant2, chant3, …, chant24 the wav files
4 – Open the FIFA Chants Master
5 – Open your game
6 – Input on home or away team box the name of your team chants folder
7 – Play the match and when you want, click on the FCM and press buttons or use the shortcuts to play the songs


Career Mode Compatible Compatible With Saved CM Auto Install Online Compatible PC Compatible


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Author: saul.silva