Women’s Football Patch 16 4.0

After a break of nearly 5 years, there is finally a new version of this patch!

This patch contains 33 women’s leagues, 20 of which are updated, all playable in career mode.


Updated Leagues (2023 or 2022/23 season):
-Australia: Liberty A-League Women
-Austria: Planet Pure ÖFB-Frauenliga
-Brazil: Brasileirão Feminino Neoenergia
-Czech Republic: I. liga žen
-England: Barclays Women’s Super League
-England: Barclays Women’s Championship
-France: D1 Arkema
-Germany: Flyeralarm Frauen-Bundesliga
-Germany: 2. Frauen Bundesliga *
-Iceland: Besta Deild Kvenna
-Italy: Serie A Femminile TIM
-Japan: WE League
-Mexico: Liga MX Femenil
-Netherlands: Azerion Vrouwen Eredivisie
-Norway: Toppserien
-Scotland: SWPL
-Spain: Liga F
-Sweden: OBOS Damallsvenskan
-Switzerland: AXA Women’s Super League
-United States: NWSL

* Reserve teams substituted with Regionalliga teams.

Other Leagues (last updated 2018 or earlier):
-Argentina: Campeonato Femenino YPF
-Belgium: Lotto Super League
-Colombia: Liga Femenina BetPlay DIMAYOR
-Denmark: Gjensidige Kvindeligaen
-England: FA Women’s National League (North and South)
-Korea Republic: WK League
-New Zealand: National Women’s League
-Philippines: PFF Women’s League
-Poland: Ekstraliga
-Portugal: Liga BPI
-Russia: Top Division
-Sweden: Elitettan
-United States: Collegiate D1 **

** 30 teams.

Partial Leagues (additional lower division made using available teams):

Additional Teams:
-66 National teams.
-Extra domestic teams in rest of world league.

Additional Tournaments:
-UEFA Women’s Champions League.
-Copa Libertadores Feminina.
-FIFA Women’s World Cup.
-UEFA Women’s Euro.
-Copa América Femenina.
-CONCACAF Women’s Championship.
-AFC Women’s Asian Cup.
-Africa Women Cup of Nations.

-20 updated leagues with correct teams and squads. Some have updated kits.
-Women only career mode.
-Over 12,000 new and edited female players.
-Over 200 new faces.
-Real adboards for some teams.
-Generic adboards for all leagues.
-Female referees.
-Referee kits for some leagues.
-Realistic crowd sizes.
-Real kit name and number fonts for some teams.
-MLS XI and Adidas XI replaced by additional Classic XI teams.
-Male gender text changed to female in career mode hub (English only).

Selector Tool:
-Career mode compdata (default).
-Tournament mode compdata (additional tournaments in tournament mode, career mode will not work).
-Choice of default or WFP theme.
-Fix compdata function for CM16 edits.


OlliX (DB, Kits, Faces, Other Graphics)
scouser09 (DB, Kits, Other Graphics)
Stokstaartje95 (DB, Minifaces)
marcas (DB, Kits, Other Graphics)
isac (DB)
muchachuela (DB, Kits, Other Graphics)
andrea1897 (DB)
pollard7545 (DB)
Damien (Artwork)
goldmonk (Graphics)
newhouse (Kits, Kit Numbers)
a L E x _ 1 O (Balls)
krisaju95 (Faces)
Hinsterbender (Adboards)
Anamorph (Kit Numbers)
Voleck (Kits)
robmar85 (Kits)
Moswell (Kits)
NaFeR (Minikit Shadow)
nabo78 (Boot Conversion)
makispla (Kits, Kit Numbers)
EmilianoVidela (Kits)
Daniel Faccio (Kits)
Calvarez (Kits)
HarryBullZak (Kits)
Pao4ever (Kits)
DEnnisTM (Kits)
edersonmoreti (Kits)
kimonos (Kits)
DecoRuiz (Kits)
Mogolos (Kits)
ladiyaffe (Kits)
JochemLFC2 (Kits)
Ajax1995 (Kits)
Nemoesc (Kits)
miki1 (Kits)
Lord Bitterbal (Kits)
eduardodsx (Kits)
Derbyoflove (Kits)
mundofifakits.blogspot.com (Kits)
Semhsdorf11 (Kits)
The Crew (Kits)
diazjesux (Kits)
carrasco1live (Kits)
victorhugob15 (Kits)
Pedro10do7 (Kits)
Josepa94 (Kits)
L77 (Kits)
Emi Stark (Kits)
devil 9 (Kits)
Rorschach (Kits)
Caio Morais (Kits)
DjonatanJG (Kits)
Lusitania_15 (Kits)
df10 (Kits)
ZiJeSrbin (Kits)
TonyKroos (Kits)
Cappo92 (Kits)
FifaMan017 (Kits)
spica 2019 (Kits)
Diegote (Kits)
riesscar- Kits, Balls (Kits)
3K1227 (Kits)
Spidercyb (Kits)
Hjbs (Kits)
MarianoArrana (Kits)
zoran milinkovic (Kits)
Dinamo Forever (Kits)
Frkitman (Kits)
shoneroma90 (Kits)
racoon1311 (Kits)
nao (Kits)
Emiliano Gaston Videla (Kits)
KsiadzRobak (Kits)
RAVII (Kits)
Dani Martianul (Kits)
moldoioan (Kits)
Paul21 (Kits)
RFET (Kits)
chimia.braila (Kits)
Andre (Kits)
Visionary (Kits)
JP Kitmaker (Kits)
God Pepe (Kits)
Genny_v1984 (Kits)
Philips (Kits)
nix19982 (Kits)
Fabri (Kits)
Josvid Kitmaker (Kits)
Arroyin (Kits)
Kpes17s (Kits)
Mazm2501 (Kits)
Chris Sports (Kits)
Tornox (Kits)
Jonas (Kits)
Josemanu99 (Kits)
PES AF13 (Kits)
Mezoeg (Kits)
Jnthn.Cldrn (Kits)
PESFutve (Kits)
Leigles (Kits)
Jesus facemaker (Kits)
Israel PES Kits (Kits)
Cristianippon (Kits)
Mazenjla (Kits)
Rinaldo (FifaLibrary16.dll)


Skill games will crash if your set favorite team and opponent are not in the patch DB.

The Swedish Cup will crash cause a crash when viewed in “other leagues” menu prior to the group stage teams being confirmed.

Create player menu currently causing crashes.


Selector tool is “WFPSelector.exe” in FIFA 16 folder.

If you use Creation Master 16 and save, you must use the “Fix Compdata” function WFP Selector program. The specific issue is that CM16 generates objective data in internationals.txt for men’s national teams instead of the women’s national teams, this causes crashes in career mode. If you add any new national teams, you must manually add the objectives to dlcdlc_FootballCompEngdlcFootballCompEngdataintobj.txt, they will then be included when “Fix Compdata” is applied.

Nation ID’s for Philippines and Saudi Arabia, also Iceland and Albania, have been swapped to allow Philippine and Icelandic leagues to work in career mode.

If using tournament mode compdata, additional tournaments are in Argentina.

Men’s teams are removed in game to keep career mode female, male players would transfer to women’s teams otherwise.

All European leagues use a winter calendar to avoid UEFA Women’s Champions League qualifying errors. All South American leagues use a summer calendar to avoid Copa Libertadores Feminina qualifying errors.

The patch does not include any gameplay modifications. Feel free to add your own.

This patch includes Revolution Mod 16. Do not install Revolution Mod 16 V1.3 with this patch as the included version is a more recent build.


It is strongly recommended that you use a clean install of FIFA 16 for this patch. This includes if you have previous versions of WFP16 installed as the build has been refreshed for the 22/23 season.

Clean install:
-Exit EA App.
-Rename “FIFA 16” folder.
-Open EA App.
-Download clean FIFA 16.
-Installs can be switched by exiting EA App and renaming folders, folder named “FIFA 16” is active.

Manual Setup:
-Place all files from “Manual Install” folder into FIFA 16 folder.
-Regenerate bh files.

Regenerator Options:
-i68 Controller by iard68 (http://iard68.altervista.org/)
-FHL-BH-Editor by Bernd
-File Master by Rinaldo
-Creation Master 16 by Rinaldo (Tools > Regenerate BH)

Preparing for Career Mode.
-Start your new career. Choose to play with default squads and do not select UEFA CL/EL groups via “European Competition in 1st Season?”.

Not Compatible With Career Mode Manual Install Not Online Compatible PC Compatible Win10 Compatibility


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Author: scouser09

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