Paulv2k4 FIFA17 Gameplay Mod

After a good while of being a busy, hard-working, family man (and converted to the world of XBOX & PS4! SHAME!), I am finally back to playing on my PC.

In doing so, I started up my FIFA 17 for the first time since October 2016. I was quite impressed with how the patches over the year has improved the game quite substantially. Although I still thought that I needed to fix a few things so I create this mod.

Current Version 3.2 BETA


  • Less boring games (i hate constant 1-0 wins and my team being the “best defence of the league”)
  • Remove Super Goalkeepers (i combine my change with a slider of 9 for GK Ability)
  • More AI direct dribbling
  • Better AI shooting
Career Mode Compatible Compatible With Saved CM Drag & Drop Not Online Compatible PC Compatible


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Author: paulv2k4

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  1. how to install

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