MOD 18 – A Realistic Career Mode for FIFA 18 (V.5.0)

Thanks to the great work of – GalaxyMan2015 and benji – we’re able to start modding the FIFA 18 career mode again!

MOD 18 – A Realistic Career Mode for FIFA 18


  1. Latest release of FIFA18-CMMOD
  2. Latest release of CG File Explorer 18

After successful importing FIFA18-CMMOD.cgp, the groups of the CL/EL should look like this.

Features & improvements

  • Use Champions League and Europa League group tables (using replacements for teams not included in the game)
  • More teams should be active and search for replacements on the transfermarket
  • Higher chance of free agents
  • Transfer movements should reflect the ‘real world’ a bit more
  • Players results by global scouting (GTN) should be better
  • Increased player values and wages to reflect ‘real world’ nowadays
  • Player values are now based on club prestige and player international rank
  • Teams should play with a better line-up, change line-up a bit more
  • Higher chances of job manager offer(s)
  • Sim. results should be a bit more realistic
  • Higher chance of release clauses in some leagues (La Liga, La Liga 1|2|3)
  • Realistic club budgets
  • Remove CPUAI cheating
  • ..


  • Player growth changes
  • Tweak training

Many thanks to the modding community for all your fantastic work!

Career Mode Compatible Drag & Drop Manual Install Not Online Compatible PC Compatible Win10 Compatibility


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Author: beta990