Andy’s FIFA 19 Mod


Mod Content:

New animated Adboards:
FA Cup
Carabao Cup
Bayern Munich
World Cup
Hamburger SV
1. FC Koeln
UEFA Champions League – Update

New Tournament Graphics:
Carabao Cup

Static Adboards:
1. Bundesliga
Generic 2. Bundesliga
Generic 3. Liga
FA Cup
DFL Supercup
World Cup
German Relegation
Generic Germany
Generic England

9105 => SkySports HD

Menu Logos:
Carabao Cup

New Badges:
DFB Cup by Nomit200LP

New Banner:
EFL Champion Chip
1. Bundesliga
2. Bundesliga
3. Liga Germany
Rest of World
National Teams

Various teams

Andy – animated Adbaords, Flags, static Adboards, Logos, Tournament Graphics, Database
Anamorph – Adboards
Nomit200LP – DFB Badge
TC – Banner and Flags
Ivansoto18 – Adboards Premier League (static)
df10 = Bayern Home Kit and GK kit
riesscar = Bayern Third Kit, M’Gladbach Home Kit

Install Tutorial

1. Unzip the patch in a directory / location of your choice (not the Fifa 19 directory !!!
2. Now open the folder “FIFA 19 Patch”
3. There you see the complete content, which is divided into several folders

4. Project Files for the Frosty Editor:

a) here you have the choice between an “all-in” version, which contains all the graphics as well as the completely revised database, in this version neither the own squads nor the started career will continue to work !!!

b) If you want to continue using your squad file and / or your career, then be sure to choose the Project File “Career”, because it will pay for all the graphics, but the database will only be changed as much as was necessary because the corresponding tables are not in the squad / career, but still need to be changed to make the patch work properly …

If you chose “b)” for this version, you also need the “Database Tables” folder, because here are all the tables that you can easily import into your Squad or into your Career Files (with the RDB Master) can!

5. Mod Files for the Mod Manager:

There are also these two variants and in principle the same procedure!

Career Mode Compatible Not Compatible With Saved CM Manual Install Not Online Compatible PC Compatible Win10 Compatibility


Report Missing File !

Author: Andy-FPL

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