Revolution Mod 20 v.1.0

After more than four years, Revolution Mod is back for FIFA 20!

If you’re not familiar with this mod, it allows various assignments in FIFA 20 without editing the database thus you will be able to mod your saved career without restarting it.

For anyone who has used the versions of this mod for FIFA 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16, please note that FIFA 20’s use of the lua asset files are significantly reduced. This means that the limitations of this mod are much less than earlier versions.

The current features available in this version are:

-Boot Assignment.
-Copy Face Assets.
-Set Face Type.
-Swap Team Kit Assets.
-Swap Team Kit Assets Classic Kit.
-Swap Team Kit Assets By Name Font (For Tournament Assignments).
-Swap Team Name Font.

Mod Instructions


To use this mod, Frosty Mod Manager is required. If you wish to make assignments, Frosty Editor is also needed.

Revolution Mod 20.fbmod should be imported and placed at the top of the list in Frosty Mod Manager, therefore becoming lowest precedence.

Assignments can be placed in two different files, accessory.lua and slc.lua. They can be edited with text editors such as Notepad. These will need to be imported with Frosty Editor and exported as a FBMOD file to use with Frosty Mod Manager.

(Legacy Files) fifarna/lua/assets/accessory.lua – I recommend this file is used by patches for assignments.
(Legacy Files) fifarna/lua/assets/slc.lua – I recommend this file is reserved for personal assignments and not included in shared mods.

Templates of these files are included in this distribution.

I would also suggest that patches using accessory.lua for assignments consider sharing those assignments in a text file as a user may wish to use multiple mods with accessory.lua assignments, meaning the assignments in only the highest precedence mod will be used. This will give them the opportunity to add the assignments in the lower precedence mods to their slc.lua.


Swap Team Kit Assets
Swaps the kit assets used for a particular kit. Can be used to add extra kits for teams by used other kit assets.

Ajax’s (245) third kit (3) will use the kit assets of team 113315’s home kit (0).

Boot Assignment
Assigns a boot to a player.

Assigns boot ID 21 for Lionel Messi (158023).

Generic Boot Replacement
Replaces all generic boots with branded boots. Note: you will not be able to assign any generic boots in-game with this.

Set Face Type
Sets face type of a player. Type is 0 for real or 1 for generic.

Assigns a real face (0) for Jack Grealish (206517).

Copy Face Assets
Assigns the real face assets of a player to another.

Mo Salah (209331) will use the face assets of Neymar (190871).

Swap Team Kit Assets By Name Font (For Tournament Assignments)
Swaps the kit assets used for a particular kit when a particular name font is used. The name font can be set in the competitionkits table in the DB therefore allowing tournament kit assignments.

Borussia Dortmund’s (22) third kit (3) will use the kit assets of team 113315’s home kit (0) when name font 223 is used.

Swap Team Name Font
Swaps a team name font font for another. Sometimes needed for when using swapTeamKitAssetsByNameFont to restore original font assignment. This method is used as the tournament ID is not currently accessible.

Swaps font 90 for font 190 when used by Liverpool (9). In this example, 190 might be the value of the name font in the competitionkits tables used to assign UEFACL kits.

Swap Team Kit Assets Classic Kit
Swaps the kit assets used for a particular classic kit. Can be used to add classic kits for teams by used other kit assets.

Barcelona’s (241) home kit (0) for kit year 1992 will use the kit assets of team 113315’s GK kit (2). This kit is not in the default DB.

Common Operations

Add kits for a new team or extra kits for an existing team:
-New kits require a DB record in the teamkits table.
-You must overwrite an existing kit, the versions of kits without gambling and/or alcohol sponsors are a good resource.
-Use swapTeamKitAssets assignment or swapTeamKitAssetsClassic if it is a classic kit.
-Does not apply to mini kits, the generic ones will be used.

Add tournament versions of kits:
-A DB record in the competitionkits table is required. The value of jerseynamefonttype must be different to the value in the teamkits table.
-You must overwrite an existing kit, the versions of kits without gambling and/or alcohol sponsors are a good resource.
-Use swapTeamKitAssetsByNameFont assignment, the font parameter should be the one used in the competitionkits table.
-If the kits should use the same name font as the default versions, you can use the swapTeamNameFont assignment to restore it.

Overwrite face assets to give a different player a real face:
-Import new assets.
-Use copyFaceAssets for the player who uses new assets.
-For the original player, use setFaceType to change to a generic face.

Activate new face assets from update in existing career/tournament saves:
-Use setFaceType assignments to set all players in update as real face.




scouser09 – code.
Damien – logo, cover artwork, testing.
Nafer – testing.
EA SPORTS – original lua code.



Revolution Mod 20 is hosted exclusively at and cannot be re-uploaded on other websites. Permission to include this mod with a patch distribution must be requested from the author and permission will not be granted if the end product has limited access or is monetized in any way.

Build Date: 18 August, 2020.


Career Mode Compatible Compatible With Saved CM Manual Install Online Compatible PC Compatible Win10 Compatibility Needs Frosty Mod Manager


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