EEP 21 (EURO 2020 Edition) v.2.1

European Expansion Patch 21 is a FIFA 21 mod focusing on updating European leagues and German Regionalliga! Here’s a full rundown on the content that you can find in this mod:

EEP v2.0.3

  • Created new players and done thousands of transfers
  • UEFA Conference League as 3rd european competition playable in career mode
  • over 250 kits of season 21/22
  • real seeding of UCL,UEL and ConfLeague in career mode
  • 14 new promoted teams
  • Regionalliga and Serie B as new leagues with career mode and cup integration
  • new and unique theme
  • a few completly new 3D faces
  • many little details like 5 subs per match, DFB Pokal sleeve, new wonderkids and more…
  • updated hundreds of competition and team logos
  • and much,much, more… 🙂

EEP Euro v2.1
Another little update for the EEP EURO 2020.. Tournaments of EEP EURO v2 are compatible with it :slight_smile:

– updated badges on Portugal kits (Euro 2016 winner and also nations league 2019 winner)
– updated squads changes like Ramsdale replacing Henderson – also with new minifaces
– new collar for italy home kit

Just delete EEP v2, replace the squadfile in Documents/FIFA 21/settings with the ones from download of v2.1 and load them ingame.

EEP Euro 2.0
– fixed and completly redone/updated over 50 kits and kitfonts
– fixed some roster issues in main and U21 squadfile
– updated main rosters to be up to date (replaced injured Jiří Pavlenka with Tomáš Koubek and all the other changes – also with Miniface :slight_smile: )
– some stability fixes
– reduced kickoff to euro groupstage match, euro final match and volta

EEP-Manager v2 changelog:
– you can now open also tournament files (which give you the abilty to change the squad of a running tournament or assign faces)
– Squad-Exchanger so you can change the national squads on your own without buggy ingame-editor
– Tattoo assigner

EEP Euro v2 isnt compatible with Euro v1. So tournaments started in v2 arent compatible. Delete v1 and apply v2. Also launch v2 first time with the option (you can find it in FIFA ModManager on the arrow-Icon next to launch-button) “Delete FIFAModData and launch”

EEP Euro v1.0
• EURO 2020 tournament with all 24 nations, real logos, scoreboard, crests, ball, trophy, groups, tournament system
• U21 EURO as additional tournament starting in Quarter Final like in reallife (with GER-DEN, NED-FRA ..)
• full compatible with each language thats supported by FIFA (also real nation-names in in the respective language)
• new and unique Menu (by [FMG] RBS)
• over 800 new styled minifaces (200 of them updated to the UEFA EURO shootings)
• 3 up to date (7th june) squadfile with real EURO 2020, U21 and EURO with Icons squads
• real EURO 2020 group match order (so germany plays 1st against france, after that portugal after that hungary only dates/time are may be a bit different)
• (nearly) real tournament system like round of 16 with winner group A against 2nd group C etc. (also with 4 best 3rd placed teams of the group stage joining round of 16)
• real adboards, banners and flags
• renamed und redressed stadium which looks similar to the missing EURO ones
• real stadium-assignment (for example quarter finals in Roma-like, Baku-like, Munich-like stadium and Wembley)
• assign facepacks with 100 of faces just with one click (EEP-Manager)
• Miniface Addon so each player of the EURO (also in U21 EURO) has a Miniface!

EEP v1.1
– teamkits table is now part of squad/career file
– updated all wintertransfers
– updated to EA squadupdate of 19th february
– added Awaykits for ALL Serie B and Regionalliga teams! (install minikit/miniface addon to see the minikits)
– added Roma 3rd and 4th kit
– added summertransfers 2021 (example: Upamecano will join FC Bayern in July 2021 in career mode)
– unlocked all boots, gloves and manager/voltaoutfits (I’ve just activated NOT edited them so may some will not work or look buggy)
– 3rd kit for multiple 2nd Bundesliga teams
– updated Roma and Juventus kits
– updated all kit and short number/name positions of new teams
– fixed yellow-black goalnets of new teams
– updated sponsorboard during Regionalliga matches
– updated manager and stadium names
– unlocked edit real players
EEP-Manager Changelog:
– added feature to switch scoreboard and TV Logo
– added feature to add your own TV Logo (you only need a png file to generate it!)

EEP v1.0
– each fifa language is supported
– many new wonderkids like Y. Moukoko!
– added Regionalliga with 20 Teams playable in career mode
– added Serie B with 20 teams (with playoffs) playable in career mode
– added missing CL and EL teams like Zenit or Krasnodar
– real kits, banner, flags, crests for all new team some teams will only have a real home/gk kit due kit-id-limits! Thats not a bug, we are limited so cant add a away kit for each team…
– ~550 new minifaces for new created players (available as LiveEditor Addon)
– licensed 18 brazilian teams (Corinthians replacing the fantasy team Oceania)
– licensed Juventus, AS Roma, and multiple national teams
– extended DFB Pokal to 64 teams (with Regionalliga teams)
– extended Coppa Italy to 40 teams (with Serie B)
– added Club World Cup with real trophy
– added 4 new Nationalteams (Japan, Ukraine, Serbia, Croatia)
– added some licensed preseason tournaments
– licensed GK kits for: 3rd german league, 3rd and 4th english league and polands league
– Banner and flags for all teams from following countrys: Germany, Italy, Spain, France, England, Switzerland

EEP v0.2:
– including latest EA squad from 9th October
– new wonderkids like Nnamdi Collins, Georgios Koutsias and more
– free agents like Ezequiel Garay or Ben Arfa
– updated Flamengo squad with real players (also authentic appearance and stats)
– Flamengo plays in brazilian League now

EEP v0.1:
– transfers till 6th October (most of deadline days and other missings from the latest ea squad)
– new wonderkids like Liam Delap, Luka Romero or Youssoufa Moukoko – and many more
– added missing free agents like Mario Götze or Ezequiel Garay with a real 3d face
– replaced brazil national (fake) squad with real players
– almost all manager names for european leagues
– almost all stadium names for european leagues
– authentic champions league and europa league groups (missing teams are replaced by default fifa teams)


1) Download and extract EEP
2) Download and extract FIFA ModManager.
3) Launch ModManager as Admin
4) Import EEP and (if you have other mods installed) put it to the BOTTOM of your ModManager
4.1) Import the Theme-Addon from directory “Addons” if you want new graphical UI-experience
5) Copy and paste the Squad-File from EEP Download into your Documents/FIFA 21/settings directory
6) Launch it via Launch-Button
7) Inside your FIFA 21 mainmenu just go to “CUSTOMIZE” -> “PROFILE” -> “LOAD SQUADS” -> load EEP squads
Prevent any download of Squadupdates (from EA) otherwise it will overwrite the EEP squads and you’ll have to reload them (redo step 7)

How to install if you have the outdated EEP in your ModManager:
1) Open ModManager and delete the outdated (EEP / Theme Addon for Titel Update 12) EEP Mod
2) Download the EEP and if you want also the Theme Addon for Titel Update 13 if its available..
3) Extract the RAR and import only the fifamod (the ModManager has currently a bug that importing a RAR file into it will end in “there was a error. please check the log file”…
4) Apply the FIFAMod
5) Launch



If you start a new career use “Use Current Squads”!
Make sure EEP is working after you start a career.
Fastest way is to go into the transfermarket and search for “Moukoko”. If he is in, everything should be fine!

If you want to use the Miniface addon:
1) Download and extract LiveEditor.
2) copy the directory “LiveEditorMods” (from Addons/Miniface Addon) to Origin Games/FIFA 21/
3) Launch your FIFA with EEP via FIFA ModManager and after that tab out of the game and execute the “Launcher.exe” from LiveEditor

If you want to check the new players (and their ratings) just have a look here.

If you want to support the project you can donate here.


Career Mode Compatible Not Compatible With Saved CM Drag & Drop Not Online Compatible PC Compatible Win10 Compatibility


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