FIFA 21 CONMEBOL Mod v.1.0

Hi All,

A quick contribution from my side with the FIFA 21 CONMEBOL Mod which brings 123 CONMEBOL clubs in the mod.

Below are the features:


  1. Added all removed CONMEBOL teams from Title Update 15.
  2. Real players from Brazilian teams
  3. Added 2 new CONMEBOL teams: Cruzeiro (Brazil) and Universidad de Chile (Chile). They have replaced Oceanico FC and Jiangsu FC (both these teams had fake players).
  4. Added real graphics for Juventus and AS Roma
  5. The 3 new FUT Stadiums are unlocked in this mod and have been assigned to Juventus, Bayern Munich and FC Barcelona with real stadium names. The assignment is done as per real life stadium capacity.
  6. Added real manager faces for faces already in the game including Crespo at Sao Paulo and Gago at Aldosivi.


1. Mod updated and compatible with Title Update 16
2. 20 teams Brazilian league in career/tournament mode
3. Added real kits and names for Boca and River in Argentine league
4. Added another squad file named “SquadsCONMEBOLROW” which adds all 20 Brazilian clubs to Brazilian league, River and Boca to Argentina league and all remaining CONMEBOL teams to Rest of World. This will enable you play career or tournament mode with all CONMEBOL clubs.


1. Mod updated and compatible with Title Update 17
2. Real trophy images added to Brazilian league

N.B. Career mode may crash from time to time, just make sure you keep on saving the file from time to time and you will definitely be able to continue.

Please use FIFA Mod Manager 1.0.6 to launch the mod.

Copy and paste the squad file in Settings folder and load it in the game.

Hope you like the mod and do share any feedback.


Career Mode Compatible Not Compatible With Saved CM Auto Install Not Online Compatible PC Compatible Win10 Compatibility


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Author: alimps