FIFA 21 Extra National Teams Patch v.6.0

Hi all! This is my first attempt to add national teams without any replacement, and aim to playable in FIFA 21 career mode.




Since I do not replace any default teams and tournaments, the default game is complete, you can go anywhere to coach any team in the game.

51 NATIONAL TEAMS ADDED, 100 National Teams in Total

High degree of data restoration, bring you the most real national team experience!!!
1. All national teams match the real national geographic coordinates, accurate foundation year and give real international points according to FIFA’s official ranking in December 2020
2. The player’s age and ability are real, and the team calculates the team’s general evaluation according to the player’s ability
3. All national teams refer to reality to give real strategy, computer teams will automatically adjust strategy according to the level of opponent team’s overall rating
4. All national teams refer to the reality and endow the real offensive and defensive style, and endow the defense line and offensive line width and depth close to the real
5. All national teams endow real reputation value according to FIFA official reputation system.



FIFA World Cup Europe Qualifier (2020.9)
42 teams in 7 groups, top 2 in each group advance to World Cup
UEFA Euro Cup Qualifier (2022.9)
42 teams in 7 groups, top 2 in each group together with the best 2 of 3rd advance to Euro Cup

FIFA World Cup Africa Qualifier (2020.9)
20 teams in 5 groups, top 2 in each group advance to playoffs, the 5 winners of playoffs advance to World Cup
CAF African Cup (2021.6)
16 teams in 4 groups
CAF African Cup Qualifier (2021.1)
8 lower rating teams in 2 groups, top 2 in each group advance to African Cup

FIFA World Cup Asia Qualifier (2020.9)
12 teams in 2 groups, top 2 in each group together with the winner of playoffs advance to World Cup
AFC Asian Cup (2023.6)
20 teams in 4 groups, top 3 in each group advance to Asia Qualifier

FIFA World Cup CONCACAF Qualifier (2020.9)
6 teams in one group, top 3 advance to World Cup
CONCACAF Gold Cup (2021.6)
8 teams in 2 groups, top 3 in each group advance to CONCACAF Qualifier.
CONCACAF Champions League (2020.9)
8 teams in 2 groups, the top advance to FIFA Club World Cup

FIFA Club World Cup (2020.12)


Realism lots of kits, banners, crests, flags(National teams,Juventus,Roma,Boca Junior,River Plate,Corinthians)and adboards
All the Kits and banners are not credit by me, they are collected from this forums kits creators, thanks to all of them with respect. For now Only Japan\Korea Republic\Iran\Syria\Albania\Korea DPR\Lebanon\North Macedonia have both home and away kits,Other added teams only home kits because of game limitations.
Thanks atom, ahmedady23, Benwin, bbL ,Alimps for help.


This Mod also support CPU VS CPU in Career mode and tournament mode.


Added teams and tournaments fully playable in Career Mode
Added teams fully playable in tournament mode and kickoff
Not tested with other graphic related mod
Not compatible with other data related mod
All 18 Languages supported: English, Spanish(ES/MX), Chinese(CN/HK), French, German, Italian, Portuguese(BR/PT), Japanese, Korean, Polish, Turkish, Arabic, Russian, Danish, Czech, Norwegian, Swedish, Dutch.


Import mod in FIFA Mod Manager 21 and apply to launch. Remember delete other squads file.


Due to the game limitation, grouping in African Cup, African Cup Qualifiers, CONCACAF Gold Cup are not visible in career mode , but groups actually exist and playable
Due to EA official update15 has updated the tournament structure and compdata related documents, resulting in problems in 32 teams play custom tournament mode with groups and knockout.
If you encounter any other small bug but not matter so much, all because of game limitations and update15, I will not fix them. Thanks


Version 6.0
1. Renew Asian Qualifier final 12 teams(Japan-Iran-Australia-S.Korea-Saudi Arabia-UAE-Iraq-China-Syria-Oman-Vietnam-Qatar)
2. Support official update17
3. Add graphics to some tournaments( EURO-Copa America-Asian Cup-World Cup)
Version 5.0
1. add 24 national teams away kit(Georgia-Morocco-UAE-Costa Rica-Belarus-Ukraine-Iraq-Thailand-SaudiArabia-Armenia-Uzbekistan-Nigeria-Luxembourg-Montenegro-Kosovo-Mali-Algeria-Tunisia-Senegal-Croatia-Vietnam-Slovakia-Ghana-Serbia)
2. Support official update16
3. add national team tournaments into tournament mode(under China)
4. some graphic update
Version 3.0
1. data update for some Asian NTs, add rivals
2. Support official update15 but not perfectly because of EA update changed compdata
Version 2.8
1. data and squad update(delete several duplicate players) ,some new national team kits
2. Support official update14
Version 2.7
1. add Israel,North Macedonia,Georgia,Luxembourg,Armenia,Kosovo,Belarus
2. change structure of Europe qualifiers
Version 2.6
1. Unlock boots,stadiums,teamballs,gloves (thanks to Saike from 3dm)
2. add real trophy for Euro cup, Brazil league cup, Asian Cup, Copa del Rey,Supercopa, Copa América (thanks to Saike from 3dm)
3. Fixed shorts number position for some teams
4. Renew AFC Champions League logo (thanks to CLM from 3dm)
5. Support official update 13 (2021.3.31)
Version 2.5
1. Fixed a crash bug when check squad hub for some teams
2. Fixed white black shoes issue for some players
3. Fixed Brazil Uruguay Ecuador squads when they playing against each other in career mode
4. Unlock manager clothes
5. Renew some adboards for national competitions
6. Renew some national teams data
Version 2.4
1. Add Albania/Korea DPR/Lebanon, they all have home away gk kits
2. Update winter transfer
3. Expand European qualifiers to 35 teams, Asian Cup to 20 teams
Version 2.3
1. Fixed a crash bug when choosing UCL and CONMEBOL Libertadores in main menu.
2. Fixed a crash caused by Italy kits.
3. Removed unstable Asian Cup Qualifier
4. Support for official update 11.1(2021.3.2)


Download Flag Mod ADDON

Download previous version (v.2.8)

Download previous version (v.3.0 – 4.0)

Download previous version (v.5.0)


Career Mode Compatible Not Compatible With Saved CM Drag & Drop Not Online Compatible PC Compatible Win10 Compatibility


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