FIFA 21 UEL Mod v.2.0

FIFA 21 – Unlock, expansion & licensing mod (National League / Serie B)

The unlock and expansion mod is a continuation of the work carried out by myself (SomersGaming) on FIFA 20 where I swapped the Argentinian league for the National League (tier 5 of English football).

This mod would not have been possible without the brilliant work by Aranaktu and Paulv2k4 to bring us tools that make modding a reality in FIFA21.

This second version of the mod is available on Paul’s tool (FMT) and can be downloaded here. This is version 9 of the tool and the one I’ve done all my testing on, so if you’re using another version I can’t guarantee what will and won’t work.

I’m also especially thankful to the people who have helped to improve upon what I previously created with thanks to Sebban, DanyBarking, drewdaudelin and Demonade, although special thanks are reserved for Mullvaden who has put in a serious amount of hours on the mod like me. All-in-all I suspect we have spent around 500 hours on this mod and I think it will be obvious when you play it.

National League teams are fully playable from their own league, expanding the RTG potential of the English leagues but, what’s special about this version is that we have actual rosters this time around – a mammoth task that incorporates players that have been in the game before and ones that we have created from scratch.


English League Licensing

  • Licensed goalkeeper jerseys for all of the English teams that just have generic ones.
  • Specific graphics for the Carabao Cup and Papa John’s Trophy (EFL Trophy).
  • League specific dynamic adboards
  • Improved static adboards for leagues and competitions
  • BT Sport logo is used in the generic competitions, whilst a Sky Sports Logo has been added for the Premier League
  • The English, Welsh, Scottish and Brazilian name pools have been increased so youth academy and regen players will have a larger pool to pull from.

Unlock & Expansion

  • All boots are unlocked for player customisation as are Volta outfits for your manager
  • Over 3000 minifaces have been added in order that the chance of seeing a ‘greyface’ player in the English leagues is minimized significantly.
  • There’s also a cluster of other smaller improvements made to menus etc
  • The missing Serie B teams added to the Rest of the World (League to be added in a future version) (A selction of the kits used for the Serie B teams were created by Diazjesux from Soccer Gaming).
  • Hashtag United, IK Brage, NEC Nijmegen, IFK Mariehamn added ROTW

Version 2 Changelog

  • Added the FA Trophy – an additional cup competition for National League clubs to compete in
  • Fixed hotspots for the National League teams (so all teams have names & numbers on their shirts)
  • Pre-season tournaments have been licensed, including Audi Cup, Emirates Cup, Rakuten Cup, Uhrencup and the UEL Invitational
  • Some of the National League kits have been redone
  • Added ‘wonderkids’ since the squadfile was built –
  • Increased Brazilian name pool for regens / youth academy
  • Major overhaul of the realism mod

The mod itself is split into numerous sections in order that you can choose how much of it you use in order to speed up load times (although there are several of the mods that obviously have to be active). I have numbered the mods as a suggestion for mod order if you were using all of them at once. Obviously if you aren’t bothered about the kits for Argentina or the Saudi leagues or even Serie B then you can start at 4 and move down the order.



Paul’s tool allows us to add files into the game rather than simply replacing them, this is how we’ve been able to add the minifaces, for example. However, there are a number of files that are injected in this way including the option of running with our lite realism mod. In order that this aspect of the mod works you need to make sure that your anti-virus software doesn’t block the dll injection process, so you’ll need to create exclusions for the tool and the FIFA install directory.


Realism vs Vanilla

The mod can be played with vanilla settings but honestly it won’t be anywhere near as difficult or immersive. We have tailored a number of files in order that the National League is better balanced within the game and improves upon some of EA’s flawed OP logic. The following is a list of some of the changes in our realism version of the lmod:

  • Pre-season tournament prize funds slashed (too OP)
  • Profit and Loss adjustments (ticket/shirt sales etc)
  • Finances have been reworked and made more realistic and difficult, you’ll now start with less money and get less money given to you every season.
  • Player values and contracts adjusted to reflect the real life values and wages in the National League – i.e. wages for National League players are around £450-1000 per week.
  • Players (including free agents will no longer move to a league that’s below their standard – ie National League teams cannot sign players over 64 rated)
  • Player growth has been adjusted and dynamic potential is now more balanced and players are going to usually increase/decrease their potential rating every season by around 2-4 points or stay stagnant.
  • GTN finds players much more suited to your team and uncover their overall a lot quicker. You can also scout more players before your scout reaches his limit.
  • Youth scouts now cost considerably more money but scouting missions lowered and levelled out.
  • Youth Academy players can be promoted at 15 years old and will generate upto 19 (they won’t retire from the academy until 21).
  • The youth academy settings have been totally reworked to lower the chances of finding highly rated players and scaled more appropriately for the scouts star rating.
  • Youth players have a much higher chance of having traits
  • The number of players found in the youth academy at the start of the career has also has more jeopardy – could be as little as 1 player but could equally mean you have a full roster (16 players).

Even though this is the second version of the mod it should be expected that you will encounter some issues along the way, afterall we have added around 50 teams and 1000 players to the database, so please report anything you encounter via the discord server.

I hope you enjoy the mod!



The squadfile (SquadsUELv2Update) is a major requirement of the mod, as otherwise the game doesn’t know how to load the teams, players, competitions etc, etc. In order that it can be found in game you need to paste it into Documents > FIFA21 > settings

Once in the game you’ll need to load the squad file, this can be done by heading to the customise tab in the main menu, click on profile then load squads, select UEL MOD V2 UPDATE



EA’s frequent update pattern means that keeping the mod up-to-date becomes a mission in its own right. If you don’t play online game modes then you can put Origin into offline mode meaning it won’t do updates until you allow it to. Doing so will allow you to continue to play the game on the current version of the mod / tool until we can update the game.

To put the game into offline mode, simply click Origin in the top left corner and select Go offline in the drop down menu. (I’d also recommend having auto updates switched off too)


Career Mode Compatible Not Compatible With Saved CM Drag & Drop Not Online Compatible PC Compatible Win10 Compatibility


Report Missing File !

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