FIFA 21: Adboards & Licenses Patch (2021/22 Season Update) v.3.7

Some features of the mod include:

1. Licenced Kits:

Roma ( with crowd colours, banners and flags)
Juventus ( with crowd colours, banners and flags)
River Plate (Home and GK)
Boca Juniors
Many national Teams

Credits for all the kits goes to Reisscar

2. Licenced completely many leagues and competitions across Europe.
( Credits to Macc for providing many files for this)

3.Fully Branded Preseason competitions. The games include some fictitious and realistic ones such as:
Emirates Cup
Audi Cup
Hyundai Cup (fictitious)
Copa ESPN (fictitious)
Copa Euroamericana
Rakuten Cup
International Champions Cup
Allianz Cup (fictitious)
Florida Cup

4. Added many banners, flags and static adboards for many competitions and teams.
(I collected most of them on soccergaming. Thanks to all those many great guys)

5. Added specific dynamic adboards to many leagues and tournaments including:

Serie A
Premier league
La liga
Liga Nos
Taca de Portugal
Community shield
EFL League One
EFL League Two
EFL Championship
Papa John’s Trophy
EFL Playoffs
Copa del Rey
Coppa Italia
Carabao Cup
FA Cup
PS5 Suppercup
Champions League
Europa League
Euro Championship
World Cup

6. Added dynamic adboards to specific teams including:

All EPL Teams
Real Madrid
Athletico Madrid
About 15 Serie A teams including Juventus,AC Milan, Inter, Napoli, Atalanta, Roma etc
Bayern Munich
Marseille etc.

7. Made sure no team or competition plays with EA adboards.

8. Created tens of beautiful dynamic adboards from scratch including Hublot, Monster Energy, PS5, Tim, Heineken,  etc

9. Added broadcasting overlays for England and Spain careers. ( Credits to KO2018 for creating the EPL sky sports TV overlay)

2021/22 Season Update

  • ALP 22 version updated to version 1.0
  • Added 21/22 transfers
  • Updated the UCL and UEL group & sponsors for 21/22
  • Scrapped the away goal rules in UEL and UCL
  • Updated league teams
  • Many many new kits, balls, comp graphics, adboards etc.

How To Use

1. Import the mod into FIFA Editor Tool
2. Put the accompanying squadfile into Documents/FIFA 21/Settings and load in-game.
3. If you want to use your own squadfile or career file then import the Competition, Teamsponsorlink, Competitionsponsorlink
and Teams into your squadfile with RDBM.
4. Compatible with Adioz bootpack. Put my mod under his bootpack to get the intended experience!

8. Created created broadcasting overlays for England and Spain careers. Will add more upon request.

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Career Mode Compatible Not Compatible With Saved CM Auto Install Not Online Compatible PC Compatible Win10 Compatibility


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Author: Walker86