InnFormation FIFA 22 Gameplay Mod v.7

Works with TU17 A new take on the FIFA 22 gameplay! Here’s what this mod has to offer:

General changes

Revamped the Physics of FIFA 22

-Touches are similar regardless of position on the pitch. Default FIFA 20-22 has slower touches when in one’s own half and faster ones in the opponents. With the FIFA 22 changes made to gameplay(terrible ones), the game becomes super fast in the opponents half.
-Players have less of a grip over the ball. Simply put, the ball no longer sticks to the player.
-Sprinting and Accelerating is now exponential than linear. Players start slowly when running then reach peak speed after holding the sprint button for some time (It is slight but felt when observed).
-Balance has been revamped. The action done by the player has more of an effect on their balance.

Defence and other gameplay changes

-Significantly improved the overall positioning of the players in the game, both user and AI.
-Improved the AI defense so that it reacts quicker. AI tackling has not been edited. This would remove the slide tackles it makes.
-Likelihood of injuries, especially after brutal tackles and clashes, has been increased.
-Removed default FIFA’s favouritism when it comes to injuries. All players are now equally prone to injuries. Previously, lower rated players would be more vulnerable.

-AI defenders mistime tackles once again, especially when you make unexpected turns.

-There are now 3 mods to install:

-The smooth animations Mod.
-Version 3 of the Gameplay Mod which has all the edits of the usual InnFormation gameplay Mod.
-Version 4 of the Gameplay Mod has removed effects on Physics.

InnFormation 2022

Career Mode Compatible Compatible With Saved CM Not Online Compatible PC Compatible Win10 Compatibility


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Author: InnFormation

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I started modding with FIFA 20, learning how to use Frosty Manager through some of the videos Paulv2k4 released on his Youtube channel but they have since been removed. I worked out the different files and their functions through trial and error with the biggest challenge being the simulations (which were a big issue in FIFA 20). I also learned how to make a gameplay Mod on FIFA 20. I moved on to FIFA 21 with the skills learnt but never released the MOD as I was fine-tuning it and until now on FIFA 22. The Gameplay MOD that improves the defence and attack of all teams in the game will be coming shortly after the release of the Career Mod. I can't work full time on the Mods as I'm currently in varsity but I will try my best to respond to y'all's recommendations each week and implement them if I can. I hope to change your FIFA 22 experience with this MOD.

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