Inazuma Eleven x FIFA 22 2.0

RELEASE DATE V2.0: 25/02/2023


Welcome to Inazuma x FIFA, the first mod of Inazuma Eleven in FIFA saga!

This mod contains 32 teams from Inazuma Eleven and 2 teams from Captain Tsubasa (and maybe in the future 1-2 more…)  with more than 500 players of the three sagas (Original, GO and Ares/Orion). This mod was created with the idea of be playable on Career modes (using CURRENT SQUADS ), but you can play too online with friends (only on friendlies with custom squads). All the teams are on Turkish League League with two divisions (2ª div. called Great Road and 1ºdiv. called Victory Road) to be able to play European competitions and face the best teams in the world.

The teams are translated full to Spanish and partially on: English, French, and Portuguese. The players have the same name to all languages but some words that make out versions of a same player are only on Spanish (Mark Adulto-> Adult Mark, Miximax, etc.).


TEAMS (on 1.0 version)

  • Alius Academy
  • Alpine Junior High
  • Dark Emperors
  • FF team
  • FFI team
  • Inazuma Japan
  • Little Giants
  • Neo Japan
  • Orpheus
  • Protocol Omega
  • Ragnah
  • Raimon
  • Raimon GO
  • Raimon II
  • Raimon Inakuni (Ares)
  • Resistance Japan
  • Royal Academy
  • Zero
  • Zeus
  • FFI Orion
  • Scout’s team
  • Shadow of Orion
  • Earth Eleven
  • Inazuma Girls
  • Zanark Domain
  • Japan Tsubasa
  • Tsubasa Rivals
  • Inazuma Japan Orion
  • Choukinuns
  • Ogre
  • Chrono Storm
  • Dark Angel
  • Inazuma Legend
  • Destrutchers



  • Download fifamod file and squad file that you want.
  • Import fifamod file on FIFA MOD MANAGER and apply it.
  • Put the squad file on Documents->FIFA 22->settings folder.
  • Launch the game from mod manager with the mod applied it (DON´T CANCEL IT THE FIRST TIME OR IT WILL CAUSE VISUAL BUGS ON KITS, the first time it can delay the launch until 15-20 minutes). If you use EaApp/Steam you have to put this line on properties of FIFA 22, in advanced parameters: -dataPath FIFAModData
  • Go to customise->profile-> load squads and load the squad file (Inazuma x FIFA 2.0).
  • Go to quick match/edit teams and see in portuguese league (in final version). If it´s correct, go to save squads and overrite the squad file. If the teams not appear on Turkey you have to do this with program RDBM22:
  • Now you can play Inazuma x FIFA mod!

Anyway, you have on the link a txt with some helpful links and a videotutorial on spanish that explains how to install the mod and frequent problems. If the mod doesn´t work for you, you have to:

  • Launch game with mod applied on ModManager. If FIFA launches without mod applied close it.
  • Go to installation folder and create a folder named backup
  • Put there the next folders of game´s folder: Data, Patch.
  • Then go to FIFAModData and cut Data and Patch folders and paste them on FIFA 22 folder
  • Launch the game from EaApp/Steam/etc.
  • You will have to do this with FIFA/Mod updates.


Career Mode Compatible Not Compatible With Saved CM Manual Install Not Online Compatible PC Compatible Win10 Compatibility


Report Missing File !

Author: dmclazaro