InnFormation FIFA 22 Career Realism Mod v4.0 ( *TU16*)

Looking for an overhauled Career Mode experience in FIFA 22? Works with TU17

Here’s what InnFormation FIFA 22 Career Realism Mod includes:

General changes

  • Changed the maximum number of players in squads to 42 from 52. This helps with transfer realism.
  • Changed the minimum number of GKs required by a team to 3 from 2.
  • The minimum squad number is now 25.
  • Adjusted the morale and sharpness of both international teams and clubs to match or even outmatch that of the user. EA previously set it to be always less.
  • Revamped the current growth system in FIFA – nerfed it, thus players increase significantly slowly in overall, even if they are
    overperforming. This also affects growth plans and position change plans.
  • The decline of players has also been decreased. Declining players remain at the same overall when overperforming.
  • Training is less effective overall and slightly more effective on old and declining players.
  • Young players are slightly more expensive.
  • All youth players have a minimum of 1 trait.
  • The age range for youth players has been increased – now it is 15-19.
  • Youth scouts are now more expensive and scouting missions are also more expensive.
  • Added all real life international rivalries for the national teams in FIFA 22.
  • Added some new growth plans for career mode that develop unique attributes (work in progress as I have to add more).


  • LaLiga players are likely to have a release clause and they are most likely going to be ridiculous, especially for young players.
  • Changed the minimum squad size for contract renewals to 32 from 23.
  • The best players are now more likely to be renewed by their respective teams for longer duration contracts. The AI will renew most of its expiring contracts.
  • Contracts can now be renegotiated every 7 days when negotiations break down.
  • The AI is now goes for the best player in every position when improving its squad.
  • The AI now goes for a specific position when searching for players to buy.
  • The AI now goes for younger players more, especially when they are good.
  • Cutoff age for squad improving transfers and loans is now 40.
  • The movement of players across leagues, depending on their nationality, has now been updated to reflect real life transfers.
  • The AI is now more likely to trigger very high release clauses for desireable players.
  • Updated how the AI evaluates players before shortlisting them and buying them so that they are the best and are absolutely necessary.


  • The money carried over into the next season has been reduced.
  • The starting budgets of all clubs have been reduced.
  • Amount of profits generated from transfers has been reduced.
  • The reflection of the club’s transfer budget on the wage budget has been reduced.
  • The amount of profits generated from tickets has been significantly reduced.
  • The prices of shirts has been reduced significantly, especially for GKs.

All of these changes make it more difficult in career mode and hopefully fun. Please note that some of the above mentioned changes made by the mod might not be felt and for that, improvements will be made to the mod.

I started Modding on FIFA 20, but didn’t release any mods as I was getting the hang of it. Same with FIFA 21, though I could’ve released the mod. Now it is for FIFA 22 and I hope you will enjoy. It is not the full package but the minimum as there are many features (Some already in the FIFA 21 version of the MOD) I have to add as per my capability. Please make any suggestions on how the MOD can be improved.

Big thanks to FIFA Infinity for the platform.

Updated version that works with the FIFA 22 Title Update 16

Career Mode Compatible Compatible With Saved CM Not Online Compatible PC Compatible


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Author: InnFormation

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I started modding with FIFA 20, learning how to use Frosty Manager through some of the videos Paulv2k4 released on his Youtube channel but they have since been removed. I worked out the different files and their functions through trial and error with the biggest challenge being the simulations (which were a big issue in FIFA 20). I also learned how to make a gameplay Mod on FIFA 20. I moved on to FIFA 21 with the skills learnt but never released the MOD as I was fine-tuning it and until now on FIFA 22. The Gameplay MOD that improves the defence and attack of all teams in the game will be coming shortly after the release of the Career Mod. I can't work full time on the Mods as I'm currently in varsity but I will try my best to respond to y'all's recommendations each week and implement them if I can. I hope to change your FIFA 22 experience with this MOD.

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