FIFA 23: CM Tweaks 1.1 [TU17.1]

An overhaul of the Manager Career Mode that tweaks various aspects of the game. This mod touches on the Youth Academy, scouting, negotiations, match ratings and more.

Sub-mods are available that only edit certain aspects of the game and leave out my other edits (i.e. significantly reducing the chance of your manager getting sacked).


– Download the FIFA Mod Manager and install using this guide.
– Using 7Zip, WinZip or Windows’ built-in file explorer, extract the CMTweaks.fifamod anywhere.
– Open FIFA Mod Manager, select Import Mod(s) and select the CMTweaks.fifamod file you have just extracted.
– Hit Apply Mod(s).
– Enjoy!


– CM Tweaks Complete
– CM Tweaks Vanilla Youth Academy
– CM Tweaks Reasonable Youth Academy Attributes (still better than vanilla)
– CM Tweaks No Manager Sack Only
– CM Tweaks Increased Player Growth Only
– CM Tweaks Infinite Stamina
– CM Tweaks Silent Goal Sounds
– CM Tweaks Player Career Level 70 Cap



– Increased the number of GTN players scouted each month.
– Reduced the number of days taken to scout players in the GTN.
– Increased the attribute reveal rate for transfer-listed players. It makes sense that selling clubs will let you inspect their players in detail.
– Doubled the attribute reveal speed for GTN players during transfer windows.
– Lowered minimum youth player age to 14.
– Raised the potential ranges for higher tier youth players.
– Altered the youth player work rates (Att / Def) on recruitment to increase the odds of a high work rate in logical positions.
– Raised the attributes of higher tier youth players.
– Reduced the potential range displayed for higher tier scouts, increasing potential accuracy.
– Increased max potential displayed from 94 to 99.
– Increased high weak foot ability odds for more skilled scouts.
– Increased GK height range to mitigate chances of a short keeper.
– Slightly increased the odds of youth players holding relevant traits.
– Increased the number of youth players scouted each month, dependent on scout skill.
– Increased the cost of scout missions to balance the lift in skill and potential.
– Reduced the odds of a higher tier scout finding lower tier players.
– Reduced the attribute variance when scouting youth players.
– When youth players threaten to leave the academy, the days between the email and them leaving has been increased from 3 to 30 days.
– Increased the odds of finding higher quality players in expected countries.
– Increased youth player quality when scouting Northern Europe.
– Increased the minimum number of attributes revealed when players are initially scouted.


– Increased player morale gain from rest and recovery days.
– Reduced the max minutes played expectation for players (all roles). This means Important players and above will be easier to please with time played each week.

Match Day

– Increased the variation of match attendance. Increased match attendance for EFL League 1/2 games.
– Increased the chance of press conference conversation choices having an effect on morale and reduced the forced frequency of press events.


– Boosted the match XP modifier for players who play 30-60 minutes. This isn’t reflected in the match rating but should affect player attribute development rates.
– When ‘jumping to result’ in played matches, match ratings will better reflect actual performance (i.e. a ST with a hat-trick will score 9-10, as will a GK with a CS and multiple saves or a DEF with high possession and tackles). Decent defenders can now actually get a higher match rating than a lucky goal scorer.
– Reduced the impact of playtime on match ratings.
– Pressing tactics would reduce player stamina at 4x the normal rate; it’s now closer to 1.5x.
– Stamina has been slightly buffed to match the stamina usually lost in simulated matches.

Simulated Matches

– Reduced base stamina loss in sim matches. Needs to be tested further as results are not noticeable.
– Increased the match rating gain in sim matches for goals, assists and CS.

Player Management

– Reduced bench / reserve player happiness loss from being benched / not played to simulate other opportunities for reserve players (U18 / U21 / friendlies).
– Removed the match rating penalty applied for subs playing 30-60 minutes (ratings are still dependent on game involvement, so subs will naturally still grade lower).
– Slightly decreased the performance requirements to achieve good form to counter artificially low match ratings in played matches.
– Increased fitness recovery rates the day after a match to counter the occasional back-to-back matches.
– Increased the minimum retirement age.

Player Development

– Slightly increased attribute gain speed each month.
– Slightly lowered the match rating required to achieve max growth to account for artificially low match ratings in played matches.
– Training plans impact rebalanced.
– Decreased the growth training plan decline rate to make veteran players viable.
– Allow players to push past their potential at an extremely slow rate as opposed to growth halting.


– Reduced the risk of transfer negotiations falling through by offering too low a value – it is still a risk.
– Reduced the risk of contract negotiations falling through by offering too low a wage – it is still a risk.
– Fixed an error in contract negotiations that allowed comically low wage offers to be considered by player agents.
– Increased the wiggle room for loan wage split decisions (rich clubs should cover the bulk of the cost more often).
– Increased the number of times AI managers can counter wage split proposals before withdrawal.
– Reduced the number of days between contract negotiations after a failed renewal / agreement from 14 to 7.
– Increased the minimum youth player contract length to 4 years.
– Increased deadline day hours from 10 to 24 – it can still be skipped.
– Slightly reduced the number of days / hours AI take to respond to transfer offers.
– Shortened AI response times to loan and transfer offers.


– Disabled manager sacking.
– AI managers now renew more contracts to ensure they have enough players for the season. This should prevent issues where teams lack players for specific positions and reduce the number of free agents.
– Increased the chance of clubs offering jobs to successful managers.


– Tight, untucked jerseys now more common in new Youth Academy players.
– Updated currency exchange rates.


– In the Mod Manager, simply remove the old version of the mod and import / apply the new version in its place.

If you’d like elements of this mod as a standalone mod, please leave a comment with details of which features you would want bundled / removed. No promises, but I will try to support.

Career Mode Compatible Compatible With Saved CM Auto Install Not Online Compatible PC Compatible


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Author: FlyingFoxes