FIFA 23 NACP (Career Mode) v.1.3 [TU5]

Following the release of FIFA 23 NACP, we now have the Career Mode compatible version of the mod ready for FIFA 23!

The mod adds 98 national teams in FIFA 23 taking the total to 133 licensed national teams available in-game without replacing or deleting any existing teams, leagues or cups. The mod can run on all offline game modes!


  • UEFA: All 55 teams licensed
  • AFC: All 46 teams authorized
  • CNBL: All 10 teams licensed
  • CCAF: 8 teams
  • CAF: 10 teams
  • OFC: 4 teams



  1. Put my squads file into this path C:\Users\XXX\Documents\FIFA 23\settings
  2. FMM1.1.3 load mod, apply, then launch FIFA 23, load my squads.
  3. My squads must be loaded before starting career mode
  4. Please make sure that other mods can use FMM normally and take effect, and then use NAC mod alone
  5. Please do not mix with any other mod

If Paraguay is displayed as wof, it is a cache problem, please delete all files in the folder: C:\Users\XXX\AppData\Local\Temp\FIFA 23\cache0\data\loc

Career Mode Compatible Not Compatible With Saved CM Manual Install Not Online Compatible PC Compatible


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Author: Atom