FIFER’s FIFA 23 Realism Mod V.1.1 [TU17.1]

This year’s mod is finally out. I am genuinely so sorry it’s taken this long. I’ve poured my life into it but sadly it just hasn’t been enough. I am embarrassed and pretty ashamed, and I promise things will be different for the FC24 Mod. Info on that in the coming weeks.

However, I believe this is still my proudest work and the best mod for FIFA 23. I hope everyone enjoys it.

This year, all info and documentation for the mod, including features lists, credits, version info, tutorials, FAQ, etc will all be hosted in the Discord server for simplicity.



**Audio Revamp Mod**
– Adds 237 new real goal songs
– Updates 2 existing real goal songs

**Boots & Gloves Mod**
– Adds 559 new boots
– Updates 164 existing boots
– Adds 5 new GK gloves with support for all sleeve types
– Adds 7 new generic shoes for people to wear in cutscenes

**Create-A-Club Revamp Mod**
– Replaces all 3857 default logos with new detailed and interesting ones
– Replaces all 121 default kit templates with new detailed and interesting ones

**Face Updates Mod**
– Updates 248 existing faces
– Changes 10 skin tones to match faces
– Changes 1 body type to match faces

**Core Realism Mod**
– Updates some bootflow graphics
– Increases crowd noise
– Updates all main menu, manager career, player career and tournament avatar screens, to unlock all options and enable far more customization
– Updates and adds many team names, competition names, and other language strings
– Enables free side select in-game
– Updates Stories algorithms
– Updates General Settings algorithm
– Updates Coming in as a Sub algorithm
– Updates Commentary algorithms
– Updates Injury algorithm
– Updates Form algorithm
– Updates Training algorithms
– Updates GTN Scouting algorithm
– Updates International algorithm
– Updates Job Offer algorithm
– Updates AI Team Selection algorithm
– Updates Match Importance algorithm
– Updates Morale algorithm
– Updates Player Growth/Development algorithms
– Updates Player Career algorithm
– Updates Player Retirement algorithm
– Updates Player Values algorithm
– Updates Player Wages algorithm
– Updates Pre-Season algorithm
– Updates Youth Scouting algorithms
– Updates Simulation algorithm
– Updates Transfer Budget algorithm
– Updates Finance algorithm
– Updates Board algorithm
– Updates Transfer algorithms
– Updates Release Clause algorithm
– Updates Competiton Settings
– Updates Weather Settings
– Adds Club World Cup
– Adds support for added teams participating in UEFA club competitons
– Unlocks all boots, balls, GK gloves and outfits
– Assigns realistic goal net depth for all stadiums
– Enable all stadiums for Create-a-Club
– Vastly expands name pools for generated players/people

**Gameplay Mod**
– Updates all corner routines to be far more realistic and mentality-dependant
– Removes prematch attribute boosts
– Generally makes the gameplay far slower and harder
– Generally makes the AI much smarter
– Generally makes attributes, also including traits and work rates, matter far more
– Generally adds more errors to passing and ball control
– Generally increases more injuries
– Makes changes to all aspects of gameplay in both minor and major ways

**Graphics Mod**
– Adds 2 new types of ankle tapes
– Improves default ankle tape texture
– Updates 1 existing armband
– Adds 2 new armbands
– Updates 18 existing badges
– Adds 3 new badges
– Adds 2 new low socks
– Assigns realistic sock lengths to 57 players
– Adds 9 new kit number fonts
– Adds 9 new kit name fonts
– Updates competition-specific kit info including font assignments for 38 kits across 10 teams
– Updates kit info for 150 kits across 96 teams
– Replaces generic GK kits for 56 teams with real ones
– Adds real kits for Atalanta, Lazio, Napoli and Roma
– Adds 23 3rd/4th/5th kits
– Assigns mens kits to the 2 added women’s teams
– Adds 59 kits for added UEFA teams
– Adds 308 new anthem jackets across 176 teams
– Improves 11 eye textures
– Updates 110 existing static adboards for various teams and competitions
– Updates 736 existing team banners
– Updates 3932 existing team flags, across 829 teams
– Updates 19 existing news backgrounds
– Updates 10 existing office props
– Updates 28 existing tifos
– Updates 1 existing backboard
– Updates 2 existing pedestals
– Updates 1 existing sponsor board
– Updates 2888 existing team scarves across 746 teams
– Updates 42 existing tournament textures
– Adds the real Club World Cup trophy
– Updates 39 existing trophies
– Edits goal net depths
– Adds 131 new manager minifaces
– Adds 1224 new animated adboards
– Updates 25 existing animated adboards
– Adds 28 new static adboard pieces
– Updates 16 existing static adboard pieces
– Adds 3953 new player minifaces
– Updates 67 existing player minifaces
– Adds 28 new calendar matchday backgrounds
– Adds real crests for Atalanta, Lazio, Napoli and Roma
– Adds real crests for added UEFA and women’s teams
– Adds real Club World Cup logo
– Updates 61 existing competition logos
– Adds trophy minipic for Club World Cup
– Updates 30 existing trophy minipics

**Manager Faces Mod**
– Adds 151 new manager faces
– Updates 15 existing manager faces
– Assigns 23 existing manager faces
– Updates skin tones, body types, and heights of 142 managers

**Manager Outfits Mod**
– Adds 283 real manager outfits across 41 managers
– Adds 96 custom outfit peices
– Adds 16 custom shoes

**Menu Mod**
– Entering Transfer History under the Transfers tab now sorts by Fee
– Updates squad select screen to add Realism Mod info
– Updated main menu graphics
– Replaced accessibility tile in the main menu with load squads
– Added shortcuts to access Create Career and Edit Player in the main menu
– Added shortcuts to access Load Squad File, Save Squad File, Reset All Squads, Edit Player, Download latest in the main customize menu
– Edit Real Player is now the first tile in its subtile
– Implemented autosave feature in career mode
– Added shortcuts to access autosave, calendar, transfer hub, squad hub, and team management in career mode
– Added All Team Sheets list button
– Added Injury List list button
– Added Club Transfers list button
– Added warning when using Club Transfers in career mode
– Added Fixtures & Results list button
– Added Edit Kit Numbers list button
– Added prompt when using Edit Kit Numbers to edit current team or manually enter a team ID to edit

**New Faces Mod**
– Adds 1102 new player faces
– Adds 5 face updates with new IDs
– Assigns 137 existing faces
– Changes 55 skin tones to match faces
– Changes 33 body types to match faces

**Referee Faces Mod**
– Adds 12 new referee faces
– Changes 1 skin tone to match face

**Tattoos Mod**
– Adds 621 new player tattoos
– Adds 10 new manager tattoos
– Updates 32 existing tattoos

**Turf Mod**
– Increases detail of turf textures

**Squad File**
– Adds real names for all managers
– Unlocks all managers for play as real manager
– Adds real names for all referees
– Adds competition details for Club World Cup
– Adds FC Barcelona and Bayern Munich’s women’s teams
– Adds 18 new UEFA teams
– Adds real rosters and players for all Brazilian teams
– Updates club colors for Atalanta, Lazio, Napoli and Roma
– Unlocks all banners, flags and scarves
– Makes all managers without a real face have generic faces
– Assigns real accessories to 13 players
– Assigns real boots to 8500 players
– Updates adboard assignments
– Updates UEFA club competition groups


Career Mode Compatible Not Compatible With Saved CM Auto Install Not Online Compatible PC Compatible


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Author: FIFER