International Expansion Mod 23 Beta 3 [TU17.1]

One of the biggest FIFA 23 mods is now available for download!

International Expansion Mod 23 (IEM 23) includes the following features:

  • 1) All Stadiums in FIFA fully unlocked and licensed
  • 2) All Competitions in FIFA fully licensed
  • 3) Complete Brazilian Serie A updated to 2023 with real players and 2023 kits
  • 4) All teams licensed in IEM 23
  • 5) Extended player editor unlocked
  • 6) Complete Liga MX
  • 7) Complete Vanarama National League in the correct format (with promotion playoffs) and expansion of FA Cup to include VNL teams
  • 8) Complete Primera RFEF in the correct format (with 2 groups)
  • 9) Complete SuperSport HNL in the correct format
  • 10) Complete Ukrainian Premier League in the correct format
  • 11) Complete Serbian SuperLiga in the correct format
  • 12) Complete Czech Fortuna Liga in the correct format
  • 13) Complete Slovakian Fortuna Liga in the correct format
  • 14) Complete Egyptian Premier League in the correct format
  • 15) 56 New Rest of Europe Clubs, with at least 1 club from every European country
  • 16) 31 New Rest of Asia Clubs
  • 17) 15 New Rest of Africa Clubs
  • 18) 11 New Rest of North America Clubs
  • 19) 4 New Rest of Oceania Clubs
  • 20) FIFA Club World Cup in the correct format (New Post-Expansion format in Club version only, old format in National Team Version)
  • 21) Complete Revamp of the European Competitions (UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Europa Conference League) to make them much more exciting (Will happen before release on club version)
  • 22) CONCACAF Champions League (Format : 16 Teams, Club Version only)
  • 23) CAF Champions League (Format : 22 Teams with 6 Qualifying Round Matches and 16 Team Group Stage) (Removed from test v3 after a game-breaking issue discovered with this competition, to be re-added on release)
  • 24) AFC Champions League (Format : 16 Team Group Stage, will be expanded to 40 teams on release in club version)
  • 25) Compatibility in every language available in FIFA 23 (we are also studying adding completely new language files (for example : Slovakian, Hebrew, Uzbek, Croatian, Serbian, etc.))

Features for release :

  • 1) Updating every single team’s kits to 23-24 Kits
  • 2) Updating 100% of all transfers to 23-24
  • 3) Licensing of all vanilla GK Kits (goes hand-in-hand with point 1)
  • 4) Preseason Tournaments Licensed
  • 5) Hundreds of Manager minifaces added
  • 6) All locked Volta Clothes, Boots, and GK gloves unlocked for managers (clothes) and players (boots and GK gloves).
  • 7) Full Create a Club Revamp, with licensed/sponsored Home, Away, GK, and Third kit options, as well as real club badges for clubs not in IEM 23
  • 8) Updating of all leagues to 23-24 with promoted teams, relegated teams, and format changes (France, Switzerland, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, etc.)
  • 9) Leagues Cup (in the club version)
  • 10) Domestic cups for all added leagues (in the club version)
  • 11) International Friendlies (in the national team version)
  • 12) Finalissima (in the national team version)


  • 212 NATIONAL TEAMS (ALL 211 FIFA National Teams + Northern Mariana Islands)

New International Competitions including :

  • 1) In Career Mode, Continental Qualifiers will be split and will double up as both World Cup qualifiers and continental cup qualifiers (for example UEFA Qualifiers will be every 2 years both for the EUROs and the FIFA World Cup to save space in compdata)
  • 2) OFC Nations Cup (combined with OFC World Cup qualifiers)
  • 3) CONCACAF Gold Cup
  • 4) CAF African Cup of Nations
  • 5) AFC Asian Cup
  • 6) CONMEBOL Copa America
  • 7) UEFA European Championship
  • 8) Diamond Badges addon

What is the club version and what is the national team version?

Due to compdata limits we could not include all features in one version without compromising others, so we have decided to basically split it into 2 versions. The national team version contains all club version content except the CONCACAF CL, CAF CL, AFC CL expansion, and expanded club world cup, replacing it with a simple club world cup, while only the national team version has international tournaments and qualifiers in career mode.

Also domestic cups for the added leagues and european competition reformat will be added in the club version. You can still play with the league competitions in the national team version in career mode, and still play with the national teams in kick off and custom tournaments in the club version.

Important Links:

This is a test version, meaning that a few glitches are to be expected. Please read the readme.txt file before using the mod. For more info and support, please join IEM 23 Discord Server.

Career Mode Compatible Not Compatible With Saved CM Auto Install Not Online Compatible PC Compatible


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