FIFA 23: MOD Season 2023/24 V7.1 [TU17.1]

Eagerly awaiting the release of EA SPORTS FC for the next season of football? Then here’s a small preview of it for FIFA 23!

▫️ Team update
▫️ Real group UEFA
▫️ Licensed Roma,Atalanta…
▫️ New menus
▫️ New jersey
▫️ Career start 2023
▫️ New coaches added
▫️ Extented editor
▫️ Licensed stadium in France
▫️ Licensed referees France
▫️ Leagues updated (promotions/relegations (not everywhere)
▫️ Saudia Arabie Realism Budget
▫️ And more….

Minifaces: Akil & Risk & Maestro
Minifaces Manager: Eyzord & Risk
Rating players: Risk & Flaav & Sousou & Kisko & Eyzord & link & Akil & Ozu
Kits: Risk
New Menu: Risk
New Player: Risk
New manager: Eyzord & RisK

To get this mod, simply register, check the download link below, select the mod you wish to download, click on it, click on “Get This!”, have 0$ in the payment box and click Pay.

Voilà, now you can download the mod for free!

Career Mode Compatible Not Compatible With Saved CM Manual Install Not Online Compatible PC Compatible


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Author: Risk