FIFA 23: Pure Football Gameplay Mod v.1.5

My name is Hels and those who used to play modded PES2021 might know me from making mods for it such as Ultimate Football Simulator.

Long ago, more than a year, I stopped playing & modding PES after years of playing because of the limitations it had to be a complete simulator, or, more likely, the limitations we as modders had to modify it’s gameplay. I setted my eyes then on growing FIFA modding community, and decided to learn to mod FIFA. After more than a year working first on FIFA 22, and then on 23, I bring you today…​


Yeah, very nice branding and all but what’s, more concisely, Pure Football?

Aight, fair question. Pure football is a mod for FIFA 23 that completely revamps off-line gameplay, looking for realism in the build-up, rythm and results of the game. IT IS MEANT ONLY FOR THE OFFLINE. Hasn’t be tested with online, I don’t know if it works or not, neither do I want to know, and I also don’t know if EA might detect the mod in the online and flag it as a hack, so any use online and it’s consequences is just responsability of the user.

Can you extend and explain more the list of changes in search of that realism?

Sure I can, in order to reach my goal, the mod features.
– Slow speed overall, mostly in player acceleration and ball speed.
– Revamped physics, ball control and dribbling, in search for more in-lane with real life ball and player physics. Dribbling has had almost all the boost removed, in order to have a more controllable dribble that allows for more swift moves.
– Revamped errors. Now errors depend much more on the speed of the player, the speed of the ball, the time a player has to analyze the play, and mostly, attributes matter much more. While less rated players can still do some awesome plays, they will have much more difficulties to pull them consistently, and having one or more top players in your squad will be much more noticeable, both in danger created as in general rythm and movement of the ball. You will also notice a big difference when playing against the COM between a good team and a less gifted one. Generally, less gifted teams will do more errors and move the ball around slower than top teams, and pledge more in counterattacks, but also depends completely on their tactics.
– Revamped tackling physicality and contacts. While there’s some air glitch I still need to fix, where the player will stutter when in contact to other player fighting for the ball, in general, player physicality is much more fair. Players with the ball will be a bit more resistant, and defenders are also more gifted at the moment of taking the ball away from the enemy.
– Revamped positioning. Now defenders should be much closer to their supposed marks, at least in the last third, and there should be much more fights for the ball near the enemy area. Teams that press higher will be a bit more vulnerable behind, but in exchange, they will be pressing real tough to regain the ball. Still, most of pressure tactics will reorganize the teams near the area if the ball passes the midfielder lane, with teams getting back in the area to defend like they do in real life. Still got a problem though, where midfield is treated as a single lane instead of two (defensive and ofensive), and wingers will defend almost in lane with the defensive midfielder, instead of pressing upper into the pitch, so any ideas on how to fix this if you’re a modder are well received and you will be credited for it.
– Revamped goalkeepers. Keepers are now much more consistent. Essentially it is Paul keeper EBX, all his work, so check his career & gameplay mod in order to know more about this.

And much, much more.

And you did all of this on your own, seriously?

No, obviously I did not and it is time for credits.

First of all, credit to Captain Kidd, I don’t know his user here, if it has, for being a member of the Pure Football dev team and help me out mostly in the early stages of the game modding. He helped me to understand in general how the whole game structure works and where to start changing values and what is each thing for. Also credits to RBS for setting the private discord we used to internal communication, and for being there as a supporter and giving me good indepth about FIFA community and football in general. Appreciate those chats and the fact that you setted up a discord for us!

I started working upon an alpha of @hatesince97 project back when he was in Pure Football dev team, so even when I change a lot of values from the initials one he had, there might be many others that are still there. All the credit to him for helping me to start this project and showing me many values, and giving me access to his work when FMT still didn’t make it possible to access other mods values without having the project.

Time to mention the man, the legend @Paul-v The ammount of help this man has given to me even without involving directly in the mod in any way, is enormous. To start with, he shared a project with Locale.ini, that I couldn’t find anywhere else that wasn’t taking from him, so up ’till the days, is the first and only one person I know that initially leaked Locale.ini. Apart from that, he developed a whole FREE TOOL to mod FIFA that works as a charm. He mantains it up to date with the game updates and listens to feedback. A big applause for this contribution that, essentially, makes modding possible. To follow with, he developed a functionality in his tool, FMT, that allows to open .fifamod and .fbmod files as projects, giving access to ENORMOUS AMMOUNT OF INFORMATION without having to be given the project file, so also big credit to him for this.

This is something that is modding changing, since there’s no more secretism in modding. Now the work one does is for the whole community, and that’s something I found vital for FIFA community. I will also give credit to all the mods I took values or whole EBX from, starting, again, with own Paul-v mod. From him I took, as I said up, the keepers, but also the shooting EBX are his. I think both keeper and shooting are untouched, just imported his EBX into the mod. The one I can’t remember if it is his or comes from other mod, and has been touched or not, is passing. But I can confirm I have worked with his EBX at some time, so it’s possible that the current passing EBX in game is his.

Next one I have to mention is Danielz, which I also don’t know if he has user in evo-web. I have taken from him the values in actor_movement ebx related to animations. So, all the AnimationPlaybackTimeRatio values are his, and all the credit for it is to him. Besides from that, I worked with his passing ebx in some time in the past I think, and I took from him many values from physics, which if I don’t directly use (some may, some others not), at least were useful to help me understand how the physics work in the game.

He also told me about the changes in initfs files beside locale.ini itself and taught me a couple of values to change that I included in my fair AI mod aswell. I can’t remember for sure if I took his AI gameplay balance mod as a base for my own fair AI or I started it from the scrap with the information he told me/I took from his mod, but when least, he served me as an inspiration to include an addon that changes initfs files, and pointed me towards the values to change, even if I then looked at some others on my own.

Last, but not least, I wanted to thank again all the PES2021 evo-web community, cause although this is a different game, at the end, the way of modding is the same, so all the knowledge I took in PES, how to try values, how to look for keywords, etc., still apply, so thanks to all the Evo-Web users that at some time helped me to get into modding and inspired me to be a modder, starting with incas or bromi, put passing through many, many others, like Jostike, that worked with me and/or helped me along the way. Many thanks to all.

Very affective credit section, but I came here for the mod files, so show them to me.

Aight, aight, so impatient…

Projects for both mods have been included, for the sake of easiness trying to access the values. My work is open, since when I share something for the community, is for the joy of everyone, not for my own benefit. If you take any value used in my mod, please credit me as the source of your material, as I have made with others.


1. Download the FIFA Mod Manager, that you can obtain on their web (just google it).
2. Add the two mods through the mod manager. The Fair AI mod must have a higher priority, meaning it loads the last, this is, must be at the bottom of load order.
3.Add -dataPath FIFAModData in Steam or EAapp arguments of the game start.
4.Delete the folder FIFA23 located in C:\Users\(YOUR USER)\AppData\Local\Temp. Having in count that if you have windows located in a different unit than C, this location might vary aswell. This is useful to delete live tuning updates that might be affecting gameplay. If you ever feel that games speeds up, that the AI turs suddenly too clever, or that physics are not working as intended, close the game, delete this folder and launch again with the Delete FIFAModData option.
Click in the downside arrow by the side of launch button and select the “Delete FIFAModData and launch” option by the side of it. Preferably, do this each time you launch the mod.
5. When you get into the game, don’t connect to servers at the beginning of the game or when going to play a quick match, remember always to skip and not connect. Downloading the update might change the feeling of the gameplay.

You can use any settings you want, but my preffered ones are:
Difficulty: World Star
Player Dificulty: On
Attributes: Classic
Duration: 20 minutes per half.
Speed: Normal.

In sliders, just give more ability to keepers if you want (up to you) and set the next.
Marking 90
Lane distance: 69
Lane width: 65
Defensive positions: 60

The rest of siders, positionings and such, is up to you, but have in count that making the lane distance go to high up in the pitch will expose more the defenses to the catchup bug, where in case that a ball is in the flank, passed the defensive lane, the defensive lane won’t run back to cover positions or mark any defender passing them, and most of times will end up conceding a goal.

About the helps for the passing and such, I play with pass in manual and shooting in semi. The contextual dribbling and contextual tackles and anything similar is all or most activated, but is up to your likings.


There’s no gameplay recorded yet, basically my obs didn’t want to work properly and game would CTD after a while, but I will make sure to have one to show you ASAP. You can also try the game yourselves and send gameplay on your own.


So, this is everything on my side, I hope you like the gameplay and give me feedback, I will be reading all your commentaries and will try to make the mod even better than it already is. I know there’s still some flaws into it, and that COM might still feel very insightful at times, but with clever defending I think you can still ruin most of AI opportunities.

I also know that AI might be a bit difficult to overcome when they defend so much in the back, and also that sometimes cursor change does nasty things and defending on user side is a bit difficult, but still, this is the best experience I’ve ever had in a football game, physics and dribbling/rythm wise, game rythm feels realistic and stopping the ball and taking pause actually feels much more necessary and rewarding now.

I am open to hear any criticism about the mod, and I actually want to know how you feel about the already mention good and bad points I feel the game has, and any other good/bad points you feel and I haven’t actually realized/mentioned here.

Cheers, enjoy and see you in the pitch!

Career Mode Compatible Compatible With Saved CM Manual Install Not Online Compatible PC Compatible


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